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AI-Generated Podcasts perspective of Creators and Audience

If we look at some of the trending content that is gaining momentum on the internet, then it will be the Podcast. In past years the podcast industry has grown many folds and there is a significant potential to shake the content on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, simplecast, etc. But with the rise of AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning new techs are emerging widely. Therefore we cannot ignore the power of AI that is going to transform the podcast industry too. While all the latest tech and podcast industry developments can be read easily on the Techmagazines detail.

 As per the Wired report, there are a ton of new companies entering into podcasting, enabling great inventions to evolve in this sector. The use of AI is a precursor to the exponential growth of the podcast industry. Currently, there are more than 4 million podcasts while there are 103000 unique episodes available to stream online. In other words, you can spend your lifetime listening to unique content and even after that you will consume only the tip of the iceberg only.

A new of AI generated podcasts

The innovative step of including Artificial intelligence to generate automated podcasts is an unusual achievement. It will create a separate niche where bots will give their opinion during their conversation on a given topic. Though popular platforms such as Spotify and Apple podcasts don’t have their own in-house automated podcast episodes, it is predictable to have in the near future.

For example- Recently a cloned voice of one of the most popular podcaster Joe Rogan. Everyone was shocked to see how AI can manipulate the realities of the human personality so accurately. But the audience and Joe Rogan himself were bewildered to know that this is an AI-generated participant generated for conversation. It cloned the voice of humans and Joe Rogan which is highly intimidating as well threatening too.

On the other side, there are debates going on about the use of AI generated content that violates copyright laws and breaches human creativity. Whereas we all know that the implementation of AI in the field of art and entertainment is an indispensable event. Whereas there is a grave risk looming above the voiceover actors who mimic a range of voices for movies, stories, programmes, etc.

Scope of Artificial intelligence in

The popularity and business of podcasts are high. As per Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify in the past few months, they have seen a sharp jump of 500% in the daily podcast listeners. While people are offended to know Podcasts are being AI-generated.

This tech still lacks empathy and social connections that human shares with their audience.

Concerns of audience

There is one of the factors that AI lacks is ethics and morality. In a never-ending race to develop more intelligent AI, we have unleashed a demon that might harm us back too. Some researchers are anticipating the rising alarm of being ending up like the Terminator movie. As it has huge potential to create a new perspective and thought that can harm the employment of people. While the combination of AI to manipulate people on social media and the internet is a piece of cake has the potential to destabilise a state and create wars. Therefore some sort of ethics and morality must be enshrined to ensure credibility.

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Industrial anxiety

With the advent of voice mimicking and auto-generation of guests by AI, the whole podcast industry has gone maniac. They have feared losing their presence and sheer hard work by bots online. Recently popular artist of Icecube is circulating on the internet that he will sue the record company if he found any tracks being created by AI in his style for commercial purposes.

On the flip side, Grimes has advocated the tech of voice imitation and said he will share royalties with the AI creator for creating tracks imitating his sound and style.

Though there is a constant threat for creators and in that direction Spotify has removed more than 10,000 songs which are generated using artificial intelligence. They are discouraging any bot-generated music from platforms such as Boomy and OpenAI.

Final thoughts

We cannot stop the tide of automation and AI but it must be kept under control for the best amalgamation of humans with machines in the podcast and other industries. Therefore it is the responsibility of developers to work on the latest AI models keeping moral principles in mind so that artistry remains alive.

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