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5 Disney Water Bottles for Back-to-School Hydration in Style

When it comes to school, the biggest problem we have with our kids is whether they will hydrate well or not. Even though we give them water bottles, there are times when they will skip drinking water. So, the only way to make them drink is by giving them fancy water bottles. There are different types of water bottles available in the market and you can choose one based on your kids preferences and likings.

Ways to make kids well hydrated:

  1. Along with water, give them juices which are free of sugar
  2. Include water-rich fruits and veggies in your diet
  3. Rather than normal tea, you can choose herbal or essential kinds of teas.
  4. Add colourful water, which is nothing but soups and juices.
  5. You can also try flavoured water by adding jeera or cumin seeds while boiling water.

If your kid doesn’t like to drink water, then adding these kinds of simple tricks might help them. Make sure they are drinking enough water because they tend to sweat more during their PT periods and due to hot weather.

Another tip is that you should warm them to a normal temperature when you are giving them juices. This is because the acid reflux in the stomach might be disturbed when you are giving something chill; This will lead to gut issues and some sort of indigestion.

Here are some of the kid-friendly water bottles:

● Shaker Bottles:

One of the user-friendly bottles is way more suitable and comfortable for kids. The sipper at the top would make the kid’s hydration journey way easier. Also adding fancy stickers or their favourite superheroes picture embedded into them would be an added advantage. You can go with Spider-Man, Batman, and even Disney water bottles would be a better choice.

● Normal Bottles:

If your kids love simple and cute things, then normal bottles with a little print would be a better choice. There would be a tag available along with the water bottle so that you can attach it to your school bags. In this kind of bottle, either the mouth will be a little extended or big around the shape of the bottle. You can choose the one that your kids would more likely prefer.

The above two bottles are the major categories, but you will be finding quite a lot of variation in the shapes and colours according to the brands. This is not just for the school-going kids, but also for the grown-up kids who are like a mom today.

If you have a boy kid, then pictures like Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, etc, would work. If you have a baby girl, the Disney princess, Elsa, Mona, etc would be a better choice. If you are looking for these kinds of water bottles, Shop Disney is one of the best places to go with! Try and you will love their collections because of the variations present in them along with the quality of the products.

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