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Free CRM Platforms For Small Businesses

In any service company, the quality of customer service is a competitive advantage. Free CRM platforms contribute to control employees and improve the quality of service, which means increasing the company’s profits.

What is CRM and why is it in high demand?

The abbreviation itself stands for Customer Relationship Management. That is, it means that the client, his requests and wishes are put at the forefront with such an approach. In practice, such programs allow to maintain a customer base and regulate access to it. For example, to assign clients to certain managers.

They collect and systematize a variety of information about customers from full names, contacts to the number of purchases, average bills, personal preferences. The responsible employee at any time can look at the data about the buyer and will know how to negotiate with him, what to offer and how. All this can be reflected in the CRM.

Modern CRMs are powerful customer management systems that improve the quality of service, which means customer loyalty and their readiness to continue to purchase company services. Modern business cannot operate without such an assistant.

What can it automate?

Interaction with clients. The program can receive requests from different channels (chats, instant messengers, calls), and managers will be able to process all requests in a “single window”.

Other notable features:

  • Setting and control of tasks. Reminder of important meetings, negotiations.
  • Document flow: creation and sending of contracts, invoices, acts, other documents, control of payment receipt.
  • Control of the sales department, including: implementation of the sales plan, identification of effective employees and lagging behind, control of the stages of all transactions.

When choosing a CRM for selling services, it is recommended paying attention to functionality for organizing customer service.

Integrations and the ability to communicate with the necessary services (chats, instant messengers, cash registers, accounting).
Ease of setup and implementation. In some cases, you can do without the involvement of programmers and do everything yourself.

Also, any self-respecting CRM should provide a test usage of their services for free.


According to some CRM analysts, Bitrix24 covers 43% of the market in some regions, which is more than the share of any other similar system.
That is, the user gets at his disposal an entire IT infrastructure. The scalability allows to use Bitrix24 CRM not only in small, but also in large businesses.

Major pros:

  • For small organizations, there are free packages.
  • The developer is an international vendor.
  • Internal business processes are well developed.

The program was conceived as a service for maximum automation of customer interaction processes. Therefore, there is a documentation generator, filters for working with the database, and many other useful options.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free cloud-based CRM solution that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It includes functions for managing sales, marketing, support services and analytics. HubSpot CRM also integrates with many common tools such as google services.

This time-honored insurance CRM can transform business by generating more leads, covering more claims, improving customer engagement, and growing revenue. The system has versatile functionality, including for managing financial activities, so it is also suitable for large companies.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is an Indian multinational company founded in 1996. They are headquartered in Chennai and have offices in seven locations around the world. It has all the functionality for managing sales, personnel control, there is an end-to-end chat and other useful options such as automated process for closing sales.
With the help of Zoho CRM software, sales teams can devote their time and energy to target customers by generating as well as nurturing leads, building repos with leads, and managing claims. 

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