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How To Use Near Infrared Light Therapy?

Near-infrared light therapies have earned themselves the reputation of creating somewhat of heat against the skin surface for the treatment to be effective. This is an effective and reliable form of treatment for multiple issues. 

Near-infrared light therapies are used to help heal bone problems, and deeper inflammations, promote collagen production, and help maintain elasticity, among others. Aiming the light directly against the surface of the skin where needed is important. The heat and the emission of light combined together helps offer relief over time. 

Well, are you wondering how to use near-infrared light therapy? This article is here to provide you with all the details. Stick till the end to find out more about it. 

Ways to Use Near Infrared Light Therapy 

Using near-infrared light therapy has been known to have an effect similar to that of red light therapies. Although it has similar and effective results as red light therapy, there are certain differences between them. 

Here are some of the notable ways near-infrared light therapies are used – 

Relief From Pain 

Near-infrared lights fall into the category of the invisible spectrum of light anywhere ranging from 700 to 1200 nm. These lights have a much higher wavelength than red lights, among others. A higher wavelength also means the light penetrates much deeper beneath the skin’s surface. Therefore, the deeper light can penetrate, the more it can offer relief deep into the skin, relief from aches and pains. 

Anyone suffering from issues like joint pains, arthritis, or swollen muscles, limb, or bones, can use near-infrared light therapy to soothe the ache. The results and effectiveness of this therapy will vary quite a bit depending on how severe your case is. 

Based on the intensity of your pain, you may need more than a few sessions to notice any change, comfort, and relief. However, near-infrared light therapies have been quite popular among orthopedics to ease joint problems, dislocation, and deformities. 

Boosts Metabolism 

Near-infrared light is highly reliable for ensuring proper cellular regeneration and activity. No matter why or what the purpose of getting near-infrared light therapy is, one evident effect to notice is the obvious boost it causes to your metabolism. Near-infrared lights significantly boost and improve blood circulation and regulation of the body. This, in turn, provides the body with a substantial amount of cellular activity, thus, leading to more energy production. 

The more energy the cells are able to provide, the better the body functions. Not only does this help the body, but it also allows to improve daily life activities and prevent fatigue. Having a good metabolism system in the body prevents fat build-up and storage, which can lead to obesity. 

This treatment is proven to be effective with weight loss and helps reduce body fat noticeably as the penetration of the light reaches deep beneath the skin. Near-infrared lights are easily able to cut through the subcutaneous layer of fat on the skin and cause cell activity to speed up, thus, providing the body with energy.  

Cuts Down on Fat Content of The Body 

Near-infrared lights are proven to be highly effective with the help of weight loss with consistent use. As this light can deeply penetrate through the fat layer of the skin, it reaches the leftover build-up fat underneath the skin and breaks it down over time. 

Moreover, near-infrared lights also create heat energy regardless of the surrounding temperature. This means wherever you aim the near-infrared light, the surface of the area will become relatively warmer than its surrounding. This heat is also responsible for speeding up the cellular activity in the particular region, causing the build-up fat to burn down slowly over time. 

Lights emitted at 635-680 nm, in particular, are known to boost cellular activity and increase the speed of metabolism of fat cells. There is no guarantee that this therapy will help you shed inches off your waist and pounds of your weight, as this varies immensely depending on one’s existing weight. The amount of weight loss from near-infrared light therapy varies based on your health condition and prior medical history, among other factors. However, it does, in fact, work. 

Reduction In Inflammation 

Swelling in the body can be caused by a number of factors. Whether due to sustaining injuries or as a medical condition, swelling can be a common issue among men and women in their 30s. This is when considering near-infrared light therapy could come of immense benefit in the long run. Near-infrared lights are much more reliable in relieving inflammation and swelling deep underneath the skin’s surface. 

Since the wavelength of near-infrared lights is much more deeply penetrative and powerful than others, it could easily reach deeper surfaces and help heal the swelling from the inside. 

This reduction in inflammation is caused due to the stimulation and regulation caused in the blood on a deeper level closer to the bones. Most other light therapies cannot provide as much relief as near-infrared lights do. 

However, even if there was evidence of relief to inflammation from other light therapies, they are not always as effective or as quick as near-infrared lights are. Hence, it is the ideal initial and experimental treatment course for people suffering from inflammations and swellings. 

Is Near Infrared Light Therapy Safe To Use? 

Light therapies are one of the safest forms of treatment for many problems. This therapy is known to help with arthritis, dementia, sleeping disorders, swelling and inflammations, and headaches and promote weight loss. 

Doctors recommend it for multiple problems, and it is heavily relied on due to being completely free from side effects and health deterioration. 

Light therapies are highly effective and offer relief to the deeper levels underneath the skin to heal swelling and inflammation. These lights are able to cut through multiple layers of skin and fat without causing or promoting any complications to the body. 

Near-infrared light therapies also boost collagen production in the body, ensuring youthful and healthy skin. This therapy also helps ensure your skin can maintain its elasticity and prevents signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration. 

Therefore, it is safe to say this therapy is absolutely safe to use without any side effects or damage to the skin or the internal body. 

Bottom Line 

Red light therapy and near-infrared light therapies are two of the most common light therapy services currently being offered widely. While both these therapies are similar to one another, near-infrared light therapies fall into the category that can penetrate deep into the skin. 

With this form of therapy, you can easily relieve yourself from multiple issues without fearing any side effects. This treatment helps ensure proper blood circulation, heals bone problems, and ensures healthy skin. 

So, if you want to try this treat and are wondering how to use infrared light therapy or if it’s safe, then worry no more. This is absolutely safe, reliable, and an effective form of treatment without any dangers to oneself. 

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