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How to Book the Cheapest Car Rental for Your Summer Holiday


Planning a summer holiday often involves securing a rental car to explore your destination comfortably. However, rising prices and limited availability can make finding an affordable car rental challenging. To help you navigate these obstacles and secure the cheapest car rental for your summer vacation, we have compiled expert tips and strategies. From booking early to exploring alternative options, this article will guide you in finding the best deals and saving money on your car rental.

Reserve Early and Lock in the Best Deals:

Gone are the days of last-minute car rental bookings. With low inventory and high demand, it is crucial to reserve a car as early as possible. Booking your car rental in advance ensures you not only secure a vehicle but also increases your chances of obtaining a better deal.

Explore Off-Airport Rental Locations:

While airport rental locations offer convenience, they often come with higher prices. Consider exploring rental locations near the airport, as they can provide significantly cheaper options. You may also find better rates by checking smaller nearby airports that have available inventory.

Utilize Membership Sites and Loyalty Programs:

Membership sites like Costco Travel offer competitive rates on car rentals. By leveraging the negotiation power of travel clubs and memberships, you can access exclusive deals and lower rates. Additionally, check if your airline’s frequent flyer program provides discounts or the opportunity to earn more points when booking a rental car.

Consider Car Sharing and Peer-to-Peer Rentals:

Explore alternatives to traditional car rental companies by utilizing car-sharing platforms like Getaround, Turo, or Zipcar. These services allow you to rent cars directly from owners, often at lower rates. Peer-to-peer rentals can provide unique benefits such as reading reviews and convenient pickup locations near your home. Additionally, consider checking Transfercar, a platform where you can find cars that need to be relocated, offering low-cost or free rentals.

Compare Prices on Opaque Booking Sites:

Don’t overlook “opaque” booking sites like Priceline and Hotwire. These sites offer deep discounts but do not reveal the rental agency’s name until after booking. Conducting a search on these platforms can help you find hidden deals and the cheapest car rental prices.

Monitor Rates and Take Advantage of Drops:

Timing can be crucial when securing the cheapest car rental. Scott Keyes, the founder of Going, suggests using the “Two Minute Trick.” Book your car rental at the current rate, and set a weekly reminder to check for rate drops on the same car. If you find a lower rate, cancel your initial booking and rebook at the reduced price.

Determine if it’s Cheaper to Book Directly

When searching for the cheapest car rental, it’s essential to consider whether it’s cheaper to book directly with the rental car company or through third-party websites. While third-party websites may offer competitive rates and convenient comparison tools, it’s worth checking the rental car company’s website as well. Sometimes, rental car companies offer exclusive discounts, promotions, or loyalty program benefits that are only available when booking directly. Additionally, booking directly can provide a clearer understanding of the rental terms and conditions, allowing you to avoid any hidden fees or surprises. Comparing prices between different booking channels, including direct booking with the rental car company, can help you make an informed decision and secure the best possible deal.

Compare Car Rental Insurance Options:

When booking a rental car, carefully review car rental insurance options. Understand the coverage provided by your personal auto insurance, credit card, travel insurance or independent car rental insurance. This knowledge can help you avoid unnecessary duplicate coverage and additional expenses. Evaluate whether you need to purchase additional collision or liability insurance from the rental company.

Decline Add-Ons

When renting a car, you may encounter various add-ons and optional fees that can significantly increase your rental costs. It’s important to be aware of these add-ons and make informed decisions to avoid unnecessary expenses. Here are some tips on how to decline car rental add-ons:

  • Prepaying for gas and tolls: It’s generally recommended to avoid prepaying for gas as it can be more expensive compared to filling up the tank yourself before returning the car. Similarly, carefully consider the options provided for tolls and choose the one that suits your needs best. Renting the company’s transponder or managing tolls independently can help avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Bring your own accessories: Rental companies often offer add-ons like car seats, GPS navigation systems, or in-car entertainment for an additional fee. If you have your own car seat or can use navigation apps on your smartphone, bringing these items with you can help save on rental costs.
  • Negotiate at the counter: If you find yourself needing a particular add-on, consider negotiating with the rental agent for a discounted rate or waiving the fee. Sometimes, rental agents are willing to offer better deals, especially if you’re already opting for other add-ons. It never hurts to ask and explore potential cost-saving opportunities.

By being informed and proactive, you can decline car rental add-ons that are unnecessary or can be obtained at a lower cost, helping you keep your overall rental expenses down.


Booking the cheapest car rental for your summer holiday requires proactive planning and utilizing smart strategies. By reserving your car rental early, exploring off-airport locations, comparing prices on membership sites and opaque booking platforms, considering car sharing or peer-to-peer rentals, and monitoring rates for drops, you can increase your chances of securing the best deals. Additionally, be mindful of insurance coverage and assess whether additional protection is necessary. With these tips, you can save money on your car rental, allowing you to enjoy your summer vacation without breaking the bank.

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