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The Biography of Vladislav Soloviev — What Does an Honest Political Scientist Do Now?

Analytical materials in the mass media and articles in the personal blogs of Vladislav Soloviev come out regularly and often cause lively discussions among the readers. The Honest Political Scientist always has something to say on the topic of political and economic events in the country and the world in general. Vladislav Soloviev’s long-term forecasts, which were published in RBK and Moskovsky Komsomolets, caused a public outcry. According to the columnist, the modern economic system is moving towards an inevitable reformation, and the changes in the upcoming world view will be much more global than any of us can imagine.

Meanwhile, very little is known about the personal life, career, and current activities of the political scientist. Vladislav Soloviev rarely gives interviews and barely appears in public space. In this article, we only gathered verified biography facts and found out what the Honest Political Scientist does now.

Education and Career

Vladislav Soloviev was born in Moscow in 1973 into a family of ordinary Soviet workers. His childhood was the same as that of millions of his peers – reading science fiction, being in a radio club, modeling, and having a fascination with photography. According to Soloviev himself, a comprehensive Soviet education provided solid groundwork for the future and taught him how to use logic and common sense in any situation.

Graduating school fell on hard times for the country. The future looked completely uncertain, and so choosing a profession that would be in high demand in a few years was quite problematic. Vladislav followed the advice of his parents and went to study to become an economist at the University of Management. During the period of study, a couple of historical cataclysms happened: a conspiracy of political elites led to the collapse of the USSR, and the economic and political systems within the country changed. What was enthusiastically described as the “free market”, was in fact chaos, which criminal gangs were fighting over for control.

In 1996, university graduates were basically given total freedom of choice – there was no traditional allocation, as there were no state-owned enterprises in need of specialists. The turbulent times gave birth to new trends, but Vladislav Soloviev decided to work in his specialty and got a job as an economist at one of the new commercial firms.

In one of his interviews, the political scientist spoke ironically about this:

“There was no economic system or any order within the country, so the job of the economist did not consist of calculating the profitability of various projects, but rather of constant negotiations with other firms on some questionable deals. As a result, the firm either received a certain amount of money or made a transfer to others. Furthermore, all payments were made in dollars, and rubles were not even considered money.”

Nonetheless, this work experience proved to be useful. In the late 90s, Vladislav Soloviev was transferred to the leading consulting agency in the capital, “Premier Consulting”, where he worked until 2010. The position of manager of the economic department promised good career and financial prospects, but working in the office and in the business field in general no longer appealed to the hero of this article. Soloviev completely changed his field of activity and retrained as a political scientist. He combined his correspondence studies in political science at the University of Management with writing articles for thematic publications and online resources.

His material at that time was characterized by an academic and thorough scientific approach. The articles were published in specialized journals such as “Russian Political Science”, “Political Thought”, and “Russia in Global Politics”. Later, Soloviev began to work for a broader audience. His articles started appearing in “Arguments and Facts”, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “Kommersant”, and other mass media outlets. At the same time, the author did not abandon his academic studies.

In 2015, a series of articles on Soloviev’s landmark topic – the global crisis in the intellectual, economic, and many other spheres – were published under the alias of Honest Political Scientist. According to the author, this is a well-calculated, stretched over decades, initiative of the world’s elites, who do not benefit from the further development of humanity for the current time period. The last stronghold of the “civilization of creation” was the Soviet Union, in which universal education was the foundation of society. Such an intellectual stronghold was harmful to the global consumer society, so the country of victorious socialism was ruined and turned into chaos.

In 2016-2018, Soloviev switched to the domestic economy and published a series of articles in the format of investigative journalism about the leading players in Russian business – Mikhail Potanin, Oleg Deripaska, and others. The material aroused keen interest among the public and representatives of business circles. The author was accused of being biased, but no evidence was provided to support the claim. Nevertheless, Soloviev had to close his LiveJournal blog.

The Honest Political Scientist has gained a somewhat scandalous reputation, but this has rather benefited him. His material has become sharper, more topical, and more relevant. At the same time, he never crosses particular boundaries, as he always relies solely on verified facts and logic.

What Does Vladislav Soloviev Do Now?

After the start of the Special Military Operation, the political scientist’s activity increased. While remaining an ardent patriot of Russia, Vladislav Soloviev considers the situation in the country to be a chance for mankind to change its vector of development. According to him, it is possible to break the plans of the world elites and return civilization to the mode of creation and growth. But first, it is necessary to defend the subjectivity of Russia and deprive the collective West of the status of the unconditional world hegemon.

“For the second time in my life, I have had to participate in a complete change in the vector of the development of Russian society. And if the first time turned out to be a complete disaster for the country, now everything can go in the opposite direction.”

Vladislav Soloviev intentionally distances himself from any political associations but considers himself a follower of communist views. He does not appear on TV, he does not host any shows on YouTube, and he tries to avoid publicity by all means.

Yet his articles on economics, politics, and society are published almost every week in various publications, arousing the constant interest of a thoughtful audience. Soloviev’s texts may be provocative, overly harsh, or at odds with the conventional point of view, but they are certainly never boring.

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