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10 Unique House Styles to Consider When Building A Home

Your house is more than just the place you go to after work to sleep. Your house is a testament to your character in terms of your taste, your eye for decorating and customization, and a showcase for the things you love the most. Besides the office or your place of work, your home will be where you’re going to be the most. You’ll see every decoration or piece of furniture for years. That’s why, if you’re building a house, you need to consider every potential decision very carefully. In this article we will go through ten unique house styles to consider when building a home.

1-Log cabin

A log cabin is a classic nature-focused home that has been popular for centuries. Though it was once made as a necessity, constructing homes near plains and food sources out of whatever material was nearby, it has since become a popular way for people to stay in touch with their roots, even hunting and living off of the land in some cases. It’s a classy home that keeps you in touch with your ancestors, while being comfortable and welcoming enough to live in.


Craftsman homes are popular among people who love art and craftsmanship. These homes have many telltale features, including rich, detailed wood, open floor plans with a sense of connectivity throughout the home, and built-in furniture. It’s a great way to stand out from the usual style of houses. Keeping exclusively hand crafted materials as decorations indoors is popular with owners of these houses, as it adds to the overall aesthetic.


This style of architecture takes influence from Mediterranean countries, namely Italy, Spain, and Greece. These homes have a characteristic stucco exterior that is rich, textured, and detailed. There are many courtyards and outdoor spaces to relax in built into the home. Though these spaces were meant for the pleasant climates of Europe, you can introduce them into your home to add a little spice and stand out.


Tudor homes will look great to you if you’re a history buff. These homes call back to a design that was made centuries ago, with a half-timbre exterior made up of plaster the rest of the way. The plaster makes interesting geometric patterns, unique for every home, and will help you stand out. The decorative chimneys and leaded glass windows give homage to a long-past era. One of the most recognizable parts of these homes are the grand entryways, and the arched doors that provide a spectacle for all guests.


Barndominiums are one of the most recently created trends on this list. They are a near-perfect blend of unique design and usability for you to stand out. Your home is not just a statement piece; it’s meant to make your life easier. Barndominiums have ample space for living, storing vehicles, and working, and are durable.


A shouse, similar to a barndominium, is one of the more recent inventions on this list. However, it’s meant to appeal to a specific group: shopkeepers. Owning and maintaining a shop is time intensive, with some people only leaving it to go home to sleep. A shouse is a blend of a shop and a house, so you can operate and make money from the comfort of your home. It’s a good solution to an age-old problem that countless people have already adopted.

7-Dome home

Dome homes stand out in a crowd, with a large, dome-shaped surface on top. These homes function just as you expect they would, with an extra flair thanks to the design quirk on top. It also adds a great deal of structural integrity, so you’ll be prepared for anything. The lack of edges and flat walls means you’ll have to pay less for labor costs and materials, since less raw materials are needed for construction.

8-Silo home

People have been using grain silos on farms for decades for things besides storing grain. However, now you can convert a silo into a small home by creating the right airflows and extra floors for sleeping, cooking, etc., to create a truly unique home. One of the main benefits from owning this style of home is the view you can get from the top, fully panoramic with large windows where you can see the sunset and the landscape.


Victorian houses are pulled out directly from 19th-century London and are another design type for history buffs. Many people will have the image of this home in their heads thanks to how recognizable this design is. The ornate trim work and woodwork will make you feel like you’re living in an ancient home. Wrap-around porches and verandas are a staple, providing you with an extra space to relax in the outdoors.

10-A-frame houses


These houses have a triangular frame that resembles the letter A. These houses are becoming increasingly more common thanks to the beautiful view they offer if they’re built in the right spot. The design also allows for a large interior space. It’s a great option for people who want to live in a beautiful, pristine area. The space between the elevated roof and the living space can be used efficiently, as many owners have installed loft-like spaces for storage and reading books.



Building a house is no easy feat. However, it’s worth it in the end, knowing that your new home will be the place your potential kids will grow up in and that you can leave it behind as part of your legacy. If you’re getting a house built, you can tailor it to your needs and preferences, and choosing a unique style is the best way to stand out and show the world who you really are and the kinds of things you’re interested in.

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