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Better Sleep Guide: 5 Ways to Invest in Rest for Better Health and Well-Being

Sleep is as important to your body and mind as food and water. People often struggle to get to sleep and maintain rest for six or more hours a night. With the help of these five tips, the restless nights and days of exhaustion are over.

Creating a Sanctuary for Sleep

It is hard to rest in a mess. Disorganised and untidy sleeping spaces prevent people from getting the deep, renewing sleep that they need. Something as simple as tidying and organising your bedroom can change the way you feel when you wake up in the morning. Deep sleep needs peace, and an untidy space is like noise; it makes it harder to fall asleep and enter deep, REM sleep.

The Foundation of Rest

The mattress is the centrepiece of your sleep. You may spend hundreds of pounds a year on clothes or household appliances, and then try to save money on a cheap mattress. This is crazy. You spend a third of your day in bed if you are lucky, so it is worth spending a little more to ensure your comfort during the night and a better day when you’re awake. If you want better sleep every night, spend some time and some money on finding the right mattress for your sleeping style.

Softer Sheets for Better Sleep

You need to spend a little extra on your bedding for a long night of uninterrupted sleep. Manmade, artificial fibres may seem soft to the touch, but during the night they can irritate the skin or cause overheating. People have relied on cotton sheets for centuries, and for good reason. Soft, breathable cotton is much more comfortable all year round and will help you get better quality sleep night after night. These cotton bedding sets at Givan’s are perfect for the job, keeping you cool and comfortable, and wrapped in luxury.

Clearing Out Distractions

Electronics keep us awake at night. Just having them in the same room while you sleep can cause problems. Little red lights on TVs can be more disturbing and distracting than you may think, and having your phone within arm’s reach can keep your brain active when you are trying to shut down. Take the TV out of the bedroom and put your phone on ‘airplane mode’ when you turn out the light. This is a simple and cost-free way to get a better night of sleep.

Follow Routines for Rest

This is the best tip for better rest: have a routine. If you follow a sleeping habit that sets your mind and body up for rest, you will get consistent deep sleep, and your body will start looking forward to its rest and preparing itself for it. Set yourself a regular bedtime, especially before work. You can adjust this a little at the weekends to suit your social schedule. Include some skincare, hydration, and reading or meditation to make it easier for your mind to close down and allow you to get to sleep quickly.

Just a few of these steps will help, but if you follow all five, you will have nights of deep and restful sleep, and days full of energy and awareness where you knock everything out of the park. Invest in rest, and your waking hours will thank you.

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