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What Are the Benefits of Using Polypropylene Woven Bags by TAN HUNG JSC?

There are versatile benefits of using polypropylene bags. It fulfills the user requirements as well as provides extra facilities.

The polypropylene (PP) bags are cost-effective, durable, lightweight, convenient to carry, easy to use, and more. Depending on the differences in user requirements, the polypropylene bags are different. As the bags are different in properties, the benefits you will get from them are also versatile. PP bags are easy to use and more advantageous than paper bags, plastic bags, or clothing bags.

The woven polypropylene bags possess particular characteristics. They can provide several benefits by making their job done as an ideal packaging material.

You can get various benefits from polypropylene bags. The benefits you can get from the bags depend on what kind of polypropylene bags you use for what purpose. Generally, polypropylene bags are germ-free and non-toxic. The bags are very lightweight and possess very high resistance to stress. They can withstand or perform their job with excellent load-bearing capacity. It remains operational up to a very high temperature. The polypropylene bags do not slack under extra stress as they possess enough elastic recovery. The polypropylene bags are customizable too. It can be made in different sizes and shapes for specified packaging requirements.

Polypropylene bags are different from the rest:

Polypropylene bags, more accurately referred to as woven propylene bags, are different from conventional plastic bags. The PP bags are woven by interlacing flat yarns whereas plastic bags are made of polyurethane layer. Due to this distinction, woven polypropylene bags possess a very high load-bearing capacity. They can retain their original shape under high tensile stress. This type of bag performs better in all aspects compared to other plastic bags. PP bags can transport your goods through a risky environment successfully compared to other plastic or clothing bags. These properties are highly appreciable when it is going to be used as a packaging material. The woven bags are also long-lasting and can be reused several times when necessary. Polypropylene bags also perform well at very high temperatures. It can withstand up to 150–160 degrees census depending on the material used for making the bags.

Water-proof and moisture control:

Woven polypropylene bags are excellent at controlling moisture than other packaging materials. It is less likely to permit mold build-up and rot of your fresh food. The construction of the bags is tight enough. They do not allow odors to spread to the outer environment or the other package stored next to it. Sometimes water-proof and high load-bearing capable packaging materials are required at the same time. The good news is that polypropylene woven bags can meet both of the requirements. Water-proof polypropylene bags can easily be constructed by using water-repellent film on the outer or inner side of the pp bags. Water-proof PP bags are efficient and handy for transporting power or liquid material or other environmentally sensitive goods.

Pest and bacteria resistive:

The polypropylene bags are also pest-resistant. This property makes them perfect for storing materials or products for a long time. During the storing time, they protect the product inside it against vermin or past that could be harmful to the grain or food. The antibacterial property can also develop by treating the bags with an anti-germ reagent. Thus, this bag becomes perfect for storing or transporting food items.

UV-Protective and anti-slippery:

It is easily understandable that woven polypropylene bags are more durable than any other packaging material. When the conventional PP bags are covered with a UV-protective layer, they can survive a long time in the outer environment. The PP bags also can be coated with an anti-slippery reagent and can be used in OEKO textile or geotextile sectors. The use of sandbags for controlling soil erosion, drainage system, road, and pavement construction are the perfect examples of these bags.

Heavy duty and security:

Woven polypropylene bag manufacturing involves several steps. First of all, polypropylene films are created from a solution. Then, the filaments are drawn from it. Finally, the filaments are set up at the loom to make woven polypropylene tubular or rectangular fabric. We can later cut and saw to make the bags. All these processes make the bag stronger and risk-free. So you can use the bags without any hesitation of leakage or bursting issues during the storage or transportation of the products. The use of gusset at the sides of polypropylene bags makes it suitable for heavy-duty use or survival against serious handling.

Customized and composite polypropylene bags:

If specified properties are required, we can customize the polypropylene bags too. We can create a composite polypropylene bag using different layers of various materials like paper, polyethylene films, HDPE, etc. The use of extra layers includes extra benefits for performing particular tasks that no other packaging material could. Not only that, you can cut the polypropylene bag into unique sizes for your specific product.

Chemically, physically and electrically inert:

As polypropylene bags can withstand high temperatures, they can resist other physical stimuli too. As PP bags are flexible, they can hold their shape and size after exposing different unbalanced physical stress, twisting, stretching, and other distorting stresses. Due to the above reasons, Polypropylene bags do not damage easily.

Polypropylene bags are sustainable and eco-friendly:

Woven polypropylene bag production is less harmful to the environment. Its production processes do not yield many by-products that are hazardous and toxic to the outer environment. These bags are washable and cleanable easily. After the first use, the polypropylene bags can be reused several times within their lifecycle. Unlike other packaging materials, polypropylene bags can be recycled, and different types of products can be produced from them. Interestingly polypropylene bags can also be made from waste polypropylene.

About Tan Hung JSC, the Vietnam PP woven bag manufacturer

The TAN HUNG JSC is the leading manufacturer of PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and PP woven fabrics in VIETNAM. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP certified.

Production Capacity: monthly, 20 million PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and 1000 tons of PP woven fabric.

The company supplies national and foreign markets, such as Europe (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece), Russia, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. These demanding markets force us to work with the highest possible quality and productivity standards.

TAN HUNG offers a range of pp woven sacks in different sizes, weights, and colours. These sacks are made with woven polypropylene making them extremely durable. Woven polypropylene sacks are ideal for heavy or sharp items that typically burst through weaker bags.


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