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Rug Care, Keeping Your Floors Fabulous & Fresh

Hey, there, rug enthusiasts! Whether you’ve recently invested in a chic oriental masterpiece or you’re just looking to keep the family heirloom spick and span, caring for your rug is crucial. It’s not just about making sure they look good; it’s about extending their lifespan and ensuring they remain a centerpiece in your living space. So, let’s dive right in.

Regular Maintenance: The Unsung Hero

Just like your favorite pair of jeans or that lovely cashmere sweater, or even changing the oil in your car, regular maintenance and care are critical to the longevity and beauty of your area rugs, and guess what? It’s super easy.

  • Vacuum away! But remember, be mindful of the beater bar when vacuuming the end tassels/ frine on rugs, and thin rugs that can be sucked into the vacuum and damaged. In particular, antique oriental rugs treat it like royalty. Vacuum at least once a week to keep dust and dirt at bay. This will go a long way to extending the life of your rugs.
  • Rotate your rug: About once every six months to ensure even wear, soil accumulation, and exposure to sunlight. That way, if your rug is exposed to sunlight, it won’t fade unevenly.
  • Pad it up: Using a good-quality rug pad helps avoid slippage, adds a bit of cushioning, and extends your rug’s life. Avoid foam wall-to-wall carpet pads; they aren’t made for rugs. Seek out high-quality area rug padding to keep area rugs and oriental in place.

Spill On A Rug? No Biggie.

Wine. Coffee. That unexpected sneeze when you’re eating spaghetti. Spills happen. The trick? Act fast.

  • Blot, don’t rub: Rubbing can cause the spill to get deeper into the fibers. Instead, gently blot the spill with a clean cloth to soak up as much as possible.
  • DIY cleaning: A mixture of water and mild dish soap can do wonders. Just remember to test on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • Not sure what to do: Call a rug cleaning professional for advice; they can walk you through the proper spot-cleaning technique 

When DIY Isn’t Enough: Rug Cleaners

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, that stubborn stain won’t budge, or it’s a very difficult spot to work on, like Ink. The truth is sometimes it is best to throw in the towel and call the rug pros. Or maybe it’s been ages since your rug had a proper deep clean, and this is the last straw. This might be the perfect opportunity to let the pros step in. If you find yourself typing “rug cleaners near me” in a frantic Google search, you’re not alone!

Why go pro? Well:

  • They’re experts in oriental rug cleaning. These rugs are often delicate and require special care.
  • Professional rug cleaning services have specialized equipment and solutions that can tackle dirt and grime way deeper than your regular vacuum or in-home rug cleaning can match.
  • They can handle tricky stains and odors. So, if your pet decided your rug was the perfect potty spot, a pro cleaner can be your savior.

Storing Rugs: Do It Right

If you’re looking to store your rug for any amount of time, make sure it’s clean before you roll it up. Why? Dirt holds all kinds of things such as mold spores, and soiling, making for a more favorable environment for wool moths to much on your carpet. Rolling is favorable to folding a rug for storage. Rugs should always be wrapped to keep dirt, insects, and even rodents out of your rug. Make sure to wrap you are rug it in a breathable fabric, never plastic. Store in a cool, dry place off the floor. 

“Help! I need rug cleaners near me!”

Relax. The digital age has made it super easy. Just a quick online search can yield numerous local rug cleaning services. Are they real? Remember:

  • Ask questions: Whether it’s about their cleaning process or the solutions they use, a reliable service will always be open and transparent.
  • Things might be different from what they seem: Those slick website photos might be stock images or lifted for another website and not be their shop, they might not have one.  Some cleaners steam clean your rug in their home garage or even driveway while changing a full wash price.
  • Visit the cleaner’s shop: Consider drop-off rug cleaning, where you take the rug to the cleaner and ask for a tour of their workshop. Do they have regular business hours? Drop by for a visit and tour. 
  • Trust the specialists: Especially for oriental rug cleaning. These rugs are artworks. You wouldn’t let just anyone handle a Picasso, would you? Ask lots of questions: Does the cleaner have experience? Do they know much about oriental rugs? How long have they been cleaning rugs?
  • Looking for a good rug cleaner: Start ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists), a trade & educational organization for rug cleaners and rug care standards. 

Rugs, whether they’re designer pieces or cherished family heirlooms, require love and care. Regular maintenance and the occasional professional touch can ensure they stay with you for a lifetime. So, the next time you think about rug care, you’ve got this guide (and the countless rug cleaners near you) to fall back on!

Happy Rug Caring!

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