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Dubai marina dinner cruise

Are you thinking of a holiday in Dubai and experiencing dinner on a stunning cruise? Get ready to experience a day and night cruise along with fascinating drinks. You will without a doubt love the trip and enjoy the memories throughout your life. Whether you are planning your tour with your friends or loved ones, there are sufficient opportunities for you to make your trip superb and unforgettable.

If a memorable family holiday or honeymoon is what you are looking for, then the Dubai Marina dinner cruise is the answer. What better way to spend a gorgeous evening with family or loved ones than to wonderfully cruise along the Dubai marina, while being entertained like royalty and sampling food fit for a king? The marina dinner cruise provides a wide range of fun and recreational choices for all members of the family.

Whereas parents and loved ones may enjoy the amazing live music and exotic dance performances, children will be charmed by the magic shows. Music of your preference is also played by professional DJs. It is pretty a unique and refreshing thought to host birthday parties for both adults as well as children aboard a Dubai marina cruise. The view also adds to the magical mood providing a glimpse of what the grand city of Dubai has to offer.

Dine at the Grand Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina dinner cruise also caters to a variety of taste pallets. A wide assortment of gourmet and continental food is freshly arranged onboard. If a taste of the Middle East is what you want your loved ones to experience, then conventionally prepared Arabic food is the way to go. Freshly brewed Arabic coffees and other gentle beverages and alcohol are also served by the workersCruising along the Dubai marina undeniably beats traveling by road and also delivers the perfect all-around family leisure experience.


  • Enjoy an amazing dinner cruise along the Venetian-styled Dubai, situated in the heart of Dubai
  • Get an exciting view of the architecture, with the skyline lit up in the night
  • Relish in a lovely international buffet which includes a variety of Arabic specialties
  • Have an evening or entertaining night on the waters of Dubai

Marine cruises for dinner pass through the outstanding and breathtaking sights of Dubai. Though this experience costs a relatively high amount to the people for a dinner, those hours become the most stunning moments of one’s life. The dinner drive on a cruise not only makes sure the best experience but also delivers delicious food. The food served on marine cruises is of good quality and tastes as per the order made by the people.

One is not worried to compromise on anything while he or she is on the cruise for a good-looking and unforgettable dinner.


Dubai is such a wonderful city with matchless views and diverse attractions. It is cool in the weather from October- March, so it is a brilliant idea to plan your holiday around this time. So, the next time you are in Dubai, get pleasure from the romance in the air.

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