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Connections Unlimited Game

The New York Times introduced a new puzzle game called Connections Unlimited game. Wyna Liu is the associate puzzle editor at NYT and the creator of the connections. She got the inspiration to make this game from the cartoonist Robert Leighton. Before this, she developed the Crossword puzzle. The game is similar to the Wordle (another puzzle of NYT).

Connections Unlimited game is available on the website or you can download it from the App stores. The game is free and accessible to all devices. It was released on June 23 2023 for mobiles and PCs. As the game was published, it spread swiftly among the puzzle players.

The puzzle game increases short-term memory and intellectual speed. When you solve puzzles the amount of Dopamine (a chemical in the body) boosts up making a strong connection in brain cells. It’ll also help you to ameliorate the word choice.

What is Connections?

Connections is a game in which four columns and rows are given. Each row and column contains four boxes and words are written in single boxes. The player has to find any resemblance or connection between the words and make a group of four words. The similarity may be the country’s name, shoe brand, haired animals, book titles, movies, food etc.

The grid of the squares can be shuffled to briefly understand the connection. An option of “deselect all” is given to cancel out the picked words. You can choose the easy, medium and hard levels to play. When you solve the puzzle, each group is distinctly colored. In order of yellow, green, blue and green. The yellow-colored group is considered the easiest one and the purple one is the hardest.

There are four attempts to play the game. If the player gives wrong answers, the mistakes remaining are written under the puzzle which tells how many turns are left. She/he can restart the game or start a new game. The game can be played unlimited times. Moreover, there’s no age limit, anyone with any age group can play this game.

The NYT uploads puzzles regularly, each level is different and tricky from the preceding one. You can also play the previous levels.


Four boxes out of sixteen contain the names of brands like Nike, Jordan, Vans and Puma. You have to click on these four blocks and submit your answer. The connection is that all these are sneaker brands.


The Connections Unlimited game by NYT is reviewed. You must spend your leisure time playing the game to increase your memory. You can get help from the hints easily available on the internet. I played the game and became addicted to it. I thought of playing only one level but I kept on playing. I’ve been playing the game for about a month and noticed a big change in my thinking speed. I hope you’ll love to play the game and let me know about your experience in the comment section below.


What are unlimited connections in the NY Times?

In NYT Unlimited Connections, you have to figure out four words that interlink with each other. The interlink means any kind of similarity between the words.

What is a Connections puzzle game?

The connections puzzle game consists of a grid of sixteen squares. You have to find a group of four words that contain any shared characteristics. Sometimes a single word contains different meanings and you can get into trouble.

What are the benefits of puzzle play?

It improves remembering, matching, sorting, recognizing and problem-solving skills. Also, hand-eye coordination enhances and challenges you to resolve the issues.

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