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EA Sports FC Mobile 24 [FIFA Football] 

Diving into the football pool with a game with the upgraded version named EA Sports FC Mobile 24 (FIFA Football). EA (Electronic Arts) is the company’s name while FIFA Football is the previous name of FC Mobile 24. The game was released on 26 September 2023 and has become popular since then because of modernization.

You can play the game in both online and offline mode. Many champion leagues have been introduced. The features are amazing and mind-blowing which are discussed in detail below.

Features of FC Mobile Games


The controlling system is upgraded with the recently developed power shot, knock-on and hard tackle. These help play the game in a better and more realistic way. This is also known as the Elite shooting system because of the rewards you receive after brilliant shots.

Locker Room

The looker room is the customization hub. You can design the kits’ appearance according to your preferences. From varying the length of the socks or sleeves to pleating the shirt.

Visual and Audio Quality

The 3D graphics are added to the upgrades that enhance the graphic quality. The background music and commentary have been improved a lot. The commentary can be listened to in 10 different languages. The audience cheers can be heard clearly and encourage the gamers.

Train the Team

You can make a team with your favorite players. You can append your friend to the team. As your team wins, it moves to the next round and the name of your team gets a higher position in the ranking board.

UEFA Champions League

The champion leagues are created to make the game more fun and similar to the existing globe. There are about 32 leagues and you can qualify in them by showing a good performance. The names of the UEFA leagues include the Champion League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and numerous other leagues.

Popular FC Mobile Games

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  • FIFA Mobile 18
  • FIFA Mobile 19
  • FIFA Mobile 20
  • FIFA Mobile 21
  • FIFA Mobile 22
  • FIFA Mobile 23
  • EA SPORTS FC Mobile 24

How to Download FC Mobile Games

The game is available in all App stores or Google Play stores. Simple steps are followed to download the EA Sports FC Mobile 24.

  • Open any App store
  • Search the game in the search box(hunt for the latest version)
  • Download the game and play

Or merely click on the link given on the website to download directly.

After launching the game, it’ll ask you for your date of birth. Log in to the game by using a Google Account or through Facebook.


We have discussed the features and updates of the EA Sports FC Mobile 24[FIFA Football]. The gameplay is unique and offers updated attributes. Download the game to experience more adventure before it gets too late.


Is FC Mobile free?

The game is free and it’ll automatically update to its latest version. There’s no such need for reinstalling. FC Mobile game is accessible on IOs, Android, PCs and many other platforms for free.

What is the difference between EA FC Mobile and FIFA Mobile?

There’s little difference between these two. EA FC Mobile is the updated version with the latest features and gameplay. While FIFA Mobile is the old version. The recent version is played by many gamers and they find it interesting and attractive.

How do I download Android EA Sports FC Mobile 24 (FIFA Football)?

Go to the App Store and search for EA FC Mobile 24. Install the game and play after completing the download.

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