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Top 10 Interesting Custom Printed Boxes Facts

Brands can use custom printed boxes to reach out to their target customers, entice them, and impact their purchasing behavior. Grow your business with printed box packaging. Because of their sophisticated production techniques, custom printed boxes might be more expensive to make for businesses. However, they must be made with eye-catching colors and additional features to protect the products from environmental conditions and entice customers. People appreciate originality, and you may captivate your target audience by customizing your cardboard boxes with eye-catching printed graphics. Furthermore, you can create unique and eye-catching packaging of custom printed boxes for your items based on your design preferences.

Facts to Know About Custom Printed Boxes

Do you know why custom packaging is so vital for a brand? The answer is that it can help a product stand out from the crowd and project a premium image in the retail industry.

What is Custom Printed Packaging?

Instead of pre-built boxes, custom boxes are product boxes made to meet the individual needs of a company. Custom packaging distinguishes a product from the competition and distinguishes your branded products in the retail industry. Custom printed packaging boxes, on the other hand, are ones that are printed according to the company’s design concepts. The printing on these boxes includes brand logos and other important features that make them stand out to passersby.

Before we learn more about custom boxes, its best if you learn about how to measure a box. So that your customization doesn’t go in waste. Here are the top ten intriguing facts regarding custom printed box packaging that can effect your company’s growth and product promotion:

Why Do Companies Require Custom Printed Boxes?

Without logo printing, custom box packaging is incomplete. A logo is a firm feature that aids in increasing brand awareness in the market. Customers may easily find a certain company’s products in shopping centers thanks to personalized boxes with brand stamping. Customers are educated about the nature of the product and its proper usage through custom printed packaging boxes with logos and key product details.

Furthermore, you can print presentation folders, stickers, and labels with product boxes, which are essential for product/business marketing and brand expansion. These detailed facts enable consumers to profit from them while avoiding their negative impacts.

Custom Printing of Packaging Boxes – Important Considerations:

Product boxes with custom printing can set a brand apart from the competition, attract customers, and play an important role in product protection. These are some of the benefits of custom boxes with printed details:

  • You can distinguish your products from the crowd of similar things offered by other companies in the competition.
  • Custom printed boxes that help promote products make it simple for firms to present their products well in retail locations.
  • Customers make purchasing decisions based on the printed product information on customized packaging. This aspect also assists retailers in accurately placing things on the shelves.

Furthermore, the following are some essential characteristics that make bespoke box printing useful to both brands and consumers:

  1. Various Printing Techniques

If you choose custom printing on high-quality packaging boxes made of appropriate materials, you can select from a variety of printing processes based on your demands. Here are some printing techniques to consider for your product box:

Flexographic printing: commonly known as flexo printing, is a type of printing. It is a basic and straightforward printing method for personalized printing on boxes. As a result, flexo printing employs two kinds of inks: energy curable inks and volatile inks. For shipping boxes, flexographic printing is the ideal option. Furthermore, this is an excellent choice for basic box printing without complex designs and drawings. It is less expensive than other printing methods.

Digital / Inkjet Printing: Due to its high efficiency, this printing method is gaining popularity around the world. For small firms that want printed boxes in small numbers, digital printing is an excellent alternative for custom packaging. You can create your product boxes using a cartridge printer in your office or at home. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and produces excellent results. This sort of printing allows you to print full-color boxes in a speedier printing process. 

Offset printing is sometimes known as offset litho printing or litho-offset printing. One of the first planographic technologies utilized for surface printing was lithographic printing. The offset approach, on the other hand, produces high-resolution printed artwork. Its CMYK color scheme makes it ideal for custom printed boxes. The inked image on the printing plate is printed on a rubber cylinder and then transferred to the material surface using this printing technique.

Furthermore, there are other printing methods in the packaging sector that you can apply depending on the type of your items. Rotogravure and silkscreen printing are two of these printing processes. 

  1. Total Cost of Printing Custom Boxes

If you simply need to add one color to your packaging box, the cost may only be 10% of the entire packaging charges. However, the addition of more colors necessitates a greater investment in your custom box printing. Invest your money in packing wisely, and avoid paying for things you don’t need.

  1. Variable Printing Process Timing

When it comes to the printing procedure, you’ll be surprised to learn that orders for custom printed boxes can take up to five working days. Complex printing orders can take longer to complete. After the basic printing of product boxes, more effort is spent on printing appealing images and logos with additional decorations and artworks.

  1. High-Quality Printing on Gift Product Boxes

Custom printed boxes with logo are an excellent choice for creating gift boxes for a variety of products in accordance with the theme of various holidays and occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. Customization of printed gift boxes can make recipients pleased with the products. This component is critical in making people remember the gift-giving experience and successfully communicates feelings. You can personalize the printing on gift boxes to your liking.

To wrap your gift items, you can use printing add-on capabilities and artwork. Bows and ribbons are popular ways to make custom printed gift boxes stand out. Furthermore, these box printing features safeguard the products and distinguish customized packing boxes. As a result, they give an outstanding unpacking experience to your target audience.

  1. A well-designed display promotes retail products.

You may create these custom printed boxes with logo printing and appealing designs to use for retail goods presentation. Eye-catching designs, cutting-edge printing, and one-of-a-kind styles may make your product stand out and attract people to your branded products.

Furthermore, custom printed display boxes can help you promote and market your products. As a result, you will notice an increase in sales and business growth in a competitive industry.

Shipping of Printed Boxes – Appropriate Material

Are you in the market for printed shipping boxes? If you are transporting a single product, custom rigid boxes are an excellent solution. If, on the other hand, you wish to ship your tiny products in bulk with printed packaging boxes to any location, corrugated material is an excellent choice for your brand products distribution. They offer superior protection to fragile objects. Furthermore, if you run an ecommerce business, mailer boxes that are durable enough to safeguard the merchandise and transported flat are employed for this reason. This manner, you can save more money on shipping than you think.

  1. The Environmentally Friendly Characteristics of Custom Boxes

If you want to print your product boxes for marketing purposes, custom cardboard boxes are the way to go. These cardboard and Kraft boxes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, causing no harm to the environment. However, the printing quality on Kraft material is worse than on custom printed cardboard boxes. You can recycle and reuse them for any purpose, resulting in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

  1. Appealing Printed Box Customization

You can personalize your printed boxes based on your unique design ideas, packaging preferences, product nature, and brand requirements. Custom printed boxes may be simply personalized both inside and out. Furthermore, you can select whatever packaging design, style, and color scheme you like. It is critical to note that while printing your bespoke boxes, you take into account your target audience’s age group, region, and priorities in order to design printed packaging that can affect customers’ purchasing behavior.

For example, if your major consumers are children, you can entice them by using bright, shiny, and eye-catching colors. Red, yellow, and blue are examples of childish hues. In short, the more customized printing of packaging boxes is unique and profitable for customers, the higher your sales profit from your product.

  1. Beautiful Embellishments, Add-Ons, and Artwork

Packaging box embellishments on custom printed wholesale boxes increase the appeal of the products while protecting them from harmful environmental influences. These factors include dust, dampness, and any scratches that can damage the object if not properly protected. Here are some significant additions that can secure the merchandise while also making them appealing to onlookers:

  • Stamping using a hot foil
  • Cold foil embossing
  • Lamination that is glossy
  • Lamination with a matte finish
  • Coating in Aqueous Solution
  • Coating with Ultraviolet
  • Coating with Varnish
  • UV Spot Gloss Soft Touch Coating
  • Scratch-resistant lamination
  • Lamination Silk/Soft Touch
  • Addition Optional Extras:
  • Blind Embossed
  • Blind Embossed
  • Embossing using Registered Ink
  • Dividers and patching inserts for windows
  • Bows, ribbons, and paper wrapping

These are some add-on options for custom printed boxes that can make your product box stand out from the crowd.

Printed Specifications on Custom Packaging Boxes

The printed information and detail on custom printed box packaging can increase the authority of your brand. Product and brand information printed on the boxes inform customers about the product specification, usage method, and product caution. Furthermore, this material comprises the brand story, statement, tagline, or message that improves the brand’s market image. In the case of custom frozen foods boxes, for example, you can print frozen food guidelines to store the products in a refrigerator or freezer at a specified temperature, as well as other important connected facts.

These elements demonstrate that you are a responsible and customer-focused business, and as a result, you win the hearts of your target clients, who prefer to buy your items with confidence.

How Do I Select the Best Printed Boxes Supplier?

Choosing the proper packaging firm is critical for printed packaging solutions for companies. Choose a company that is dependable, trustworthy, authoritative, and has positive client feedback. The best packaging firms offer high-tech printing of custom boxes that can attract your target clients to your items and increase the market worth of your brand. Custom pack box is a high-quality wholesale packaging company that can help you with whatever you’re looking for in a custom printed box. . 

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