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Unlocking Your Musical Potential: Michael Avery School of Music in Australia

Music has the power to move us, inspire us, and bring joy into our lives. For many, making music is a lifelong passion that starts at a young age. Nurturing musical talent requires dedication, quality instruction, and an environment where students can thrive. 

At the Michael Avery School of Music in Australia, unlocking each student’s musical potential is the guiding mission.

1. A Leading Music Institution Focusing on the Individual

With campuses in Sydney and Melbourne, the Michael Avery School of Music has established itself as one of the premier music schools in Australia. But beyond its reputation for excellence lies a deeply personal approach.

Our goal is to understand their musical passions, abilities, and aspirations so we can map out a customized journey for their growth,” explains Michael Avery.

This focus on the individual is reflected throughout the school’s programs. Whether you dream of being a concert pianist, a jazz saxophonist, or a singer-songwriter, the Michael Avery School of Music offers the tools and mentoring to help you succeed.

2. Nurturing Young Musicians

For many families, the musical journey begins with school classes for young children. Taught by experienced instructors, these programs allow students ages 3 and up to explore instruments, learn musical concepts, and develop foundational skills in a welcoming environment.

Younger students also benefit from one-to-one lessons, tailored to their level and abilities. “Starting music lessons at a young age opens so many doors. It builds confidence, focus, and important skills that help in school and life,” says Michael Avery. 

The school’s approach emphasizes fostering a love of music rather than rigid instruction. “Musicality and creativity come first. Technical skills are integrated as students’ abilities grow.”

3. Progressing On Your Musical Path

As students advance, the Michael Avery School of Music provides the tools to help them progress. Intermediate and advanced students hone their talents through private lessons, group classes, ensemble work, and immersive programs like music camps.

With over 100 instructors, the school offers specialization in almost any instrument or genre. But students also receive a well-rounded musical education. Michael Avery explains: “In addition to instrumental or vocal coaching, we integrate music theory, history, composition, and performance. This comprehensive approach allows passionate students to thrive.”

The school also partners with Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music for university-level instruction. Students can enroll in degree programs or take individual classes to push their skills further.

4. Customizing the student experience

While the Michael Avery School of Music offers diverse programs, what truly sets it apart is customization. Then we design an experience to help them grow,” says Michael Avery.

For skilled students hoping to turn music into a career, the school provides mentorship, college prep, audition coaching, and opportunities to gain real-world experience. Those looking to play casually or bond with their family through music will find welcoming instruction tailored to their goals.

Even the school’s most acclaimed programs offer something for all skill levels. “Students are placed in groups where they can thrive and feel challenged, not overwhelmed,” Michael Avery explains. “Our students gain confidence in an environment where who they are is valued just as much as their musical abilities.”

5. World-Class Facilities Designed for Inspiration

In addition to outstanding instruction, the Michael Avery School of Music provides world-class facilities designed to inspire students and bring out their best. Students have access to:

  • Fully-equipped professional recording studios
  • State-of-the-art digital music labs
  • Soundproof rehearsal spaces
  • Performance halls mimic real-world stages
  • Instrument libraries offer a broad selection

6. Collaborative lounges to hang out and jam

Michael Avery says these cutting-edge facilities allow students to explore music’s creative possibilities. “Having the right environment is so important. Students feel motivated to learn and innovate in spaces made for imagination.”

Throughout the buildings, music is always in the air. Being immersed in music stimulates our students’ passions,” Michael Avery shares.


The Michael Avery School of Music provides a nurturing environment where students can thrive and reach their highest musical potential. With customized instruction, State-of-the-art facilities, a supportive community, and opportunities to perform, the school unlocks each student’s unique musical journey. 

Whether aiming for a professional career or looking to play for fun and self-expression, the Michael Avery School of Music approaches every student as an individual. Musical excellence comes not from rigid methods, but from understanding students’ diverse abilities, passions, and dreams. 

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