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Ways to Translate your Website for Free

In today’s rapidly globalizing digital world, your website isn’t just serving a local audience – it often has to operate on a global level. And for this, it needs to be accessible and comprehensible to a diverse spectrum of internet users who might speak different languages.

The catch? Website Translation is traditionally an expensive and time-consuming affair. But stay tuned! With the rise of online tools and platforms, language barriers are being shattered without breaking the bank.

“By using free translation tools, you can tap into international markets, expand your reach, and engage with foreign language speakers, without eating into your business profits.”

Curious to know how? In this post, we’ll explore some effective ways to translate your website for free, helping your content truly reach every corner of the globe.

The Power of Website Translation

Imagine having your business open to a global market, many of whom speak other languages other than English. The opportunity for additional revenue and expansion is massive, all because you decided to translate your website. The benefits of website translation are truly immense. This not only makes your services or products more accessible but it also increases organic traffic and enhances user engagement.

The Impact of Language Barrier

The internet is a global platform and by not catering to non-English speakers, you may be creating an inadvertent language barrier. This barrier can limit your reach, inhibit your growth, and hurt your bottom line. According to a 2006 survey by Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of consumers stated they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.

The Solution: Website Localization

By deciding to translate your website, you are taking a huge leap in growing your audience. It’s a direct route towards globalizing your brand, becoming more inclusive, and potentially skyrocketing your profits. But, the obstacle often faced by most entities is cost and time associated with this. So, we’re here to draw your attention to some incredible ways to translate your website for free.

Maximizing Your Reach with Free Website Translation

As our world becomes relentlessly digitized and borderless, possessing a multilingual website is no longer just a deluxe feature—it’s downright essential. Fortunately, the act of website translation doesn’t need to break the bank. With the correct tools and strategies, you can sail this journey of website localization smoothly and affordably. You can maximize your reach across borders and break down the language barriers by leveraging the benefits of website translation.

Some Free Website Translation Tools

There are several free tools online that can help you with website translation. Here are a few:

1. Google Translate

One of the most popular free tools available for website localization is Google Translate. With a massive database of languages, this automatic tool enables instant translation of web pages into over 100 languages. Whether you’re a novice website owner just dipping your toes in or a seasoned veteran, Google Translate has been purposely designed to cater to all. Its wide access and user-friendly interface make it a favored choice globally.

No matter which platform was the birthplace of your website—be it WordPress, Joomla, or any other—Google Translate becomes a universal ally. This savvy tool provides bespoke plugins or widgets that, once welcomed into your website’s fold, can instantaneously translate your content.

Step by Step Guide to translate your website with Google Translate

Just a button-click away, your visitors are gifted with understanding, regardless of their language.

  1. Open the main Google Translate website.
  2. Choose the original language of your website (or let Google automatically detect it).
  3. Select the language into which you want to translate your website’s content.
  4. Take the first step towards a global audience by copying your website URL, then simply paste it into the box on your left.

2. MoxVeda

Embrace globalization with MoxVeda, an innovative website translation tool. Providing an instant transformation of your English website into various foreign languages, MoxVeda engages advanced technologies that eliminate the need for manual intervention or coding modifications in your website’s structure.

MoxVeda is built on advanced, sophisticated technology to provide seamless website translations, automatically detecting English text and translating it to a language of your choice. Effortless and efficient, MoxVeda is simple to use, enabling anyone to translate their website in four easy steps.

Step by Step Guide to translate your website with MoxVeda

Let’s walk you through the steps for translating your website for free with MoxVeda, one of the top-rated website localization service providers, which offers a free trial for new users.

  1. To explore MoxVeda’s exceptional offerings, click on the “Try Now” button for a free trial.
  2. Kickstart the process by entering your website’s URL into the registration field.
  3. Ensure seamless communication by providing your business email ID, mobile number, and other essential contact details.
  4. To authenticate your account, make use of the OTP (One Time Password) dispatched to your registered email id.
  5. Look for the login button on the homepage to get started. .
  6. Customize your multi-language endeavor by selecting the specific pages of your website you want translated.
  7. Publish your website by toggling the button and download the script to integrate the language scroll list into your website.

3. Bing Translator

Next on our list of free website translation tools is Bing Translator, another incredibly effective utility that should not be overlooked.

Bing Translator, developed by Microsoft, is an innovative tool that supports more than 60 languages. It provides automatic text translation, which could be incredibly handy for a multilingual website. The user can simply insert the webpage’s URL, and the tool will do the rest.

Step by Step Guide to translate your website with Bing Translator

This tool also features a user-friendly API, enabling website developers to seamlessly integrate it into their sites. By doing this, they ensure that the content of their websites automatically gets translated for visitors from different linguistic backgrounds.

  1. Navigate to the official Bing Translator website. This is your first step towards utilizing their website translation service.
  2.  At the top of the page, you’ll see two boxes. In the box to the left, select the existing language of the site from the dropdown menu. If you’re unsure of the language, don’t worry, Bing gives you an option to auto-detect the language.
  3.  In the box on the right, choose the language into which you want to translate the website’s content. Bing translator supports a variety of languages, choose the one that fits your needs.
  4. Copy the content from the page to translate the same.
  5. Manually put the translation back to create a converted website.

4. IBM Watson Language Translator

Another powerful contender in the realm of free online translation tools is IBM Watson Language Translator. This intelligent language translation service leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer accurate translations in real-time.

What makes the IBM Watson Language Translator distinct among its peers? Well, it supports translation across multiple industry domains, such as legal, medical, and technical content. This implies that term-specific accuracy is much better than most generic translation tools.

Step by Step Guide to translate your website with IBM Watson Language Translator
  1. Access the Tool: Begin by going to the IBM Watson Language Translator site.
  2. Select Options: Now, let’s get started. Direct your attention to the top of the page. You’ll see a host of options waiting for you. Your first move? Select ‘URL’.
  3. Specify Languages: You can either select the original language of your site or allow IBM Watson to detect it. Also, you should choose the destination language into which you’d like to translate the site’s content.
  4. Insert Your Website: Paste the URL of your webpage that you want to translate into the specified field.
  5. Translate Your Site: Hit ‘Translate’ to get your website translated into your chosen language.

5. Yandex Translate

The last, but certainly not the least, on our list of free website translation tools is Yandex Translate. This tool, heralded by one of Russia’s biggest technology companies, provides excellent translation services, supporting more than 90 languages.

Just like Google and IBM Watson, Yandex employs machine learning and artificial intelligence in its operations, enhancing the accuracy of translations. Yandex Translate’s advantage lies in its integration capabilities; you can incorporate the tool directly into your website to provide on-the-fly translations to visitors. When it comes to user-friendliness, it is both easy to set up and apply, making it yet another superb option for website translation.

Step by Step Guide to translate your website with Yandex Translate

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Yandex Translate to translate your website for free:

  1. Visit the Yandex Translate website: Start by going to the Yandex Translate webpage on your preferred browser.
  2. Select ‘Site’ from the toolbar: Once on the page, locate the toolbar at the top and choose the ‘Site’ option.
  3. Set the original language: In the top-left corner of the screen, click the drop-down menu and choose the language your website is currently in.
  4. Set the destination language: Next, click on the drop-down menu to the right and select the language into which you want to translate your website.
  5. Enter the website URL: Paste your website’s URL into the box at the top labeled ‘website address’.
  6. Click ‘Translate’: After ensuring all the fields are correctly filled, click the ‘Translate’ button.

Summing Up

Website localization strategy can be an effortless and cost-free process when done correctly. Leveraging tools can provide invaluable assistance, making your content accessible to a global audience for absolutely no charge! So, consider deploying these strategies today and watch as your digital boundaries expand!


1. Can I translate my website for free?

Yes. There are numerous online tools and plugins available for website localization strategy that allow you to translate your website to different languages for free.

2. Are free translation tools reliable?

Somewhat. Free translators are usually machine-based, meaning they may not always capture the nuances of human languages. However, they can be a great starting point.

3. What are some of the most popular free translation tools?

Some popular tools include: MoxVeda, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and DeepL. These are often integrated as plugins into website platforms.

4. Can I use a free translator for all website content?

Yes, however, machine translations can fall short when it comes to translating complex ideas, idioms, or industry-specific language.

5. What do I need to do to start translating my website?

Simply, choose a free website translation tool or plugin, follow their setup instructions, and you’re ready to go. Always consider getting a native-speaking human to review the translations.

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