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Journey through Jiangxi: Nighttime Hunting and Culinary Exploration


After graduating from university, time flies, and friendships can fade as life takes us in different directions. However, last month, I experienced an unexpected and unforgettable reunion. It was a grand reunion with my university friends Tammy Cecillia and Blanche Judson. This meeting was no longer in the library or classrooms on campus but in Dayushan, Jiangxi province, China, for an extraordinary nighttime hunting adventure.

Our journey in Jiangxi began with an unexpected decision. Contact between friends had dwindled over the years, but a chance encounter on social media rekindled our friendship. Soon, a casual “hello” turned into conversations, conversations evolved into plans, and plans led to a bold decision to explore Dayushan.

This journey was not an ordinary trip. It was an adventure that entailed nighttime hunting, and we recognized the importance of being well-prepared for it.

Essential Gear for Nighttime Hunting:

Our adventure in Jiangxi required thorough preparation to ensure safety and success. Nightfall brings mystery to the landscape, and we understood the need for proper equipment to enhance our observation and hunting efficiency. Here are the essential tools we chose for nighttime hunting:

Night Vision Binoculars: Night vision devices are indispensable for nighttime hunting. They utilize infrared light to enhance our visibility in low-light conditions. These devices enabled us to observe wildlife activities in the darkness, capturing their moments while maintaining a safe distance to avoid disturbing their natural behavior.

Infrared Binoculars: Infrared binoculars are another crucial tool, utilizing infrared radiation to observe nighttime scenes. This technology goes beyond the limits of the human eye, allowing us to see objects that would otherwise be completely invisible. This was essential for locating and tracking wildlife during the night.

Lighting Equipment: In addition to night vision and infrared gear, we carried professional flashlights and headlamps suitable for hunting. These lighting devices not only helped us find suitable positions but also provided a sense of security, ensuring we didn’t get lost in the darkness.

Communication Tools: Nighttime hunting in the wild requires good communication equipment. We brought portable two-way radios to stay in touch during the adventure and coordinate our actions when necessary. This was essential for keeping our team in sync and enhancing safety.

These essential nighttime hunting tools not only increased our sense of security but also provided more opportunities to observe the wonders of nature at night. Our journey in Jiangxi was an opportunity to get closer to nature and witness the mysterious activities of wildlife.

Nighttime Hunting in Jiangxi’s Dayushan:

Jiangxi’s Dayushan is a place of mystery at night, and our nighttime hunting adventure unfolded there. As darkness fell, stars twinkled in the sky, and the forest was shrouded in profound silence. Equipped with state-of-the-art night vision and infrared gear, we ventured into this enigmatic world of darkness.

Here, we experienced the magic of nature at night more profoundly than ever before. Night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars expanded our vision beyond the human eye’s capabilities. We could clearly see the activities of creatures among the trees, on the slopes, and by the streams. We observed cunning foxes, agile muntjacs, and shy wild boars as they moved through the night, unaware of being observed.

Nighttime hunting demands patience and silence. We stealthily followed the mountain paths, occasionally stopping and waiting in silence, our ears attuned to the sounds of nature. Every so often, we would hear the stealthy footsteps of our prey or the rustling of leaves, guiding us to their locations.

With time, we gradually learned the skills of nighttime hunting and how to harmonize with nature. It was not just a challenge but also an opportunity to grow closer to nature and develop a deeper respect for it.

Exploring Local Cuisine:

In addition to the exhilarating adventures of nighttime hunting, our journey through Jiangxi provided us with the opportunity to savor the local cuisine, a unique and delicious cultural experience. Jiangxi province is renowned for its diverse and flavorful cuisine, and Dayushan is no exception. In this bountiful land, we discovered numerous fascinating culinary delights.

Gan cuisine is one of the signature dishes of Jiangxi, known for its rich flavors and a wide variety of dishes. We relished authentic Gan cuisine, including delectable home-style stir-fries and the spicy and sour hotpot. Each dish was imbued with regional uniqueness, leaving us with unforgettable flavors.

Furthermore, Jiangxi rice noodles are another local specialty. We tasted this traditional delight in a local eatery and were captivated by its unique preparation and taste. Jiangxi rice noodles are famous for their delicate texture and distinctive sauces, offering a culinary experience unlike any other.

During our adventurous breaks, we discovered local street food stalls scattered throughout Dayushan’s streets and alleys. These vendors offered a variety of delicious snacks such as fried glutinous rice cakes, banana cakes, and zongzi. Not only were these snacks delicious, but they also oozed local charm, making every bite a delightful taste of Jiangxi’s culinary culture.

Our culinary adventure in Jiangxi allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture and appreciate the regional flavors. Each dish not only satisfied our taste buds but also filled us with a sense of wonder, further enriching our journey.


Our journey through Jiangxi was not just an adventurous expedition; it was a rare reunion for me and my university friends, Tammy Cecillia and Blanche Judson. This trip left a deep mark in our lives, offering us a chance to revisit the bonds we forged during our college years and to embrace the spirit of adventure in the heart of nature.

In the dark forests of Dayushan, we learned patience and tranquility, gaining a profound understanding of the mysteries of the natural world. Equipped with night vision and infrared gear, we witnessed wildlife activities that had been hidden in the darkness, an invaluable experience. This adventure also instilled in us a deeper respect for nature and a greater appreciation of the delicate balance it maintains.

Furthermore, the culinary delights of Jiangxi added significant flavor to our journey. The local cuisine, including Gan dishes, Jiangxi rice noodles, and a variety of street food, allowed us to delve into the food culture of the region. Each dish radiated regional uniqueness, and every bite of street food offered a taste of local charm.

Most importantly, this trip fostered the rekindling and strengthening of our friendship. We not only shared adventures but also explored Jiangxi’s culinary treasures together, solidifying our bond. Our journey through Jiangxi became a cherished memory in our lives, encouraging us to continue exploring the unknown, treasuring friendships, and embracing new travel destinations and experiences.

Our Jiangxi adventure was a rare combination of thrilling exploration, culinary discovery, and the renewal of friendship. It made us appreciate the diversity and precious moments in life, and it instilled a deep respect for the wonders of nature. This experience will forever remain in our memories, inspiring us to venture forth in pursuit of more adventures and flavors.

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