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Izzadeen Malik El-Amin Getting Ready for 8th Pro Bout In Ghana Also message for Palestine

He says he got an offer to fight in Ghana, and grabbed the chance.

The young hopeful, who is hoping to become a household name in the UK for his sport, said: “I thought, why not I’ve never been to Africa it will be a good opportunity especially for my seventh and eighth pro fights.”

First up is a battle with a Ghanaian puncher who has 10 wins and nine knockouts, which Izzadeen describes as ‘a big one’. Speaking of his opponent, he said: “He has fought USA Olympian and undefeated pro Keyshawn Davis, so we are heading in the right direction that should be my eighth pro bout by December. It’s been over two years as a pro now, it’s time to establish my name.”

And he says keeping his fitness levels up are his main focus: “Staying active is the most important thing right now for me. I turned pro in May 2021 so need to keep fighting as much as possible; my UK debut is what everyone wants to see. We are closer than ever to making that happen, but it’s a long process fighting in the UK as all my fights have been overseas. UK Debut on the way!”

And he’s certainly full of fighting talk about his next bouts, saying he is happy to go to his opponents’ home country, with no trainer, on his own, and take the fight to them.

“Who’s done that, which fighter? I love it when it’s all against me, everything always has been, God willing another win.

“People have always criticised me or my fights, the haters have, I see the comments that have been made on my last few interviews. I would like to see the same people in the ring let’s see how they end up, anyone can talk from a place of comfort.”

Izzadeen, whose faith is a major support in his sport, said: “It hasn’t been easy but I’ve made it look easy I’ve got an 80% KO ratio this early on in my career, give the credit where it’s due. I’ll let those who want to comment behind the computer screen do there thing, I’ll keep performing insha’Allah (God Willing).”

He added that he fights for those who don’t get a chance to fight: “Tune in, follow the journey, Luton’s unknown they say, I’m still being swept under the rug. My time will come, like I had said at the age of 13, I will be Champ Ya’ll must of Forgot!”

Izzadeen also wants to give a message ,to the people of Palestine, they are going through alot, there fighting right now, as well as other Muslim countries, like the Uyghurs, Muslims in Concentration camps ,I’ve spoke about in a interview earlier this year, but it’s been happening for years ,they are trying to take there land away from them, i hope justice is served , I would fight for them on the battlefield if I could ,Palestinians will be free ,Allah is with Them!

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