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Introducing the Revolutionary Bear 510 Vape Pen by Lookah: Elevate Your Vaping Experience to New Heights

Are you looking for bear 510 vape pen by lookah and a debtron by seshgear erig battery? Then you might think which one you pick. So, for clearing your confusion in this article you will get all the details about the bear 510 vape pen battery by

Bear 510 vape pen by lookah

Bear 510 vape pen by lookah is the cutest battery from all over the market. It’s pocket friendly. Bear 510 vape pen battery easily fits in your hand and looks cute due to its shape like bear and silk body.


Bear 510 vape battery is all in one. Its versatile style, battery capacity, voltage and temperature is all awesome. You just look at it wow. Its battery is 510 that is capable of oil Cartridge vapes.


  • Voltage
    In bear 510 vape pen battery you can set the voltage of your choice, it shows the three voltages low, medium and high that are 3.2V, 3.6V and 3.9V. The resistance range is 0.7-5 Ohm. Also using low voltage is good for your vape health, it last long.
  • 510 thread
    Choosing the 510 is the good choice of vapers because it works with cartridges oil and wax cart of lookah 510.
  • Size and shape
    Bear 510 is famous because of its bear shape. It easily fits in your hand and looks elegant and cute. It demands more in the market because of shape.
  • Battery capacity
    Its battery operates with 500 mAh, which is good for a full day charge. It gives you amazing pleasure when you are travelling far. No need for the death battery. With every vape it gives you a smooth and satisfying vape.

Most amazing that if your battery comes to end the light is on and when it charges the light on in the back. The colour turns blue when it is charged.

  • Colour
    You can choose any colour of your choice that suits your personality. The colour variations include red, blue, white, black, purple, green, pink, cyan and many more 510 vape pens.

Why to use?

If you are thinking about how to use the bear 510 then it’s here. There’s just to click the button for on. The button is the same for on, off and voltage. For doing vape on and off you have to click about five times frequently and the light blink three times and the access occurs.

The main thing about bear 510 is that it’s not draw activated, there is always a need of pressing the button while vaping.

Debtron by seshgear erig

Debtron by seshgear erig is the most powerful vape that gives you an easy feel. It’s a glass like cup that is filled with wax. Also it’s easy to clean.


Debtron is an amazing vape that is outclassed by all vapes. Its features are elegant and enhance your personality. You have to learn all the features of it. It does not provide any temperature setting. You can get the elegant style of seshgear in colour jet black, nobility blue, ultramarine green and sleet grey. After all these you can get the warranty where all instructions are given for your safety that is the good point.


  • Battery capacity
    It’s famous for its eRigs. A 2000mAh rechargeable battery powers the device. This feature makes it different from other vapes. Its charging port is C type.
  • Voltage
    In debtron seshgear erig vape you can also set the voltage by your own , it has power of four voltages that are 2.5V to 3.5V.
  • Size and shape
    Seshgear erig shape is very unique and is friendly. It is easy to use. You Can keep it anywhere you want.
  • Atomizer
    The atomizer of debtron seshgear erig is coil less quartz. It serves in two modes: hands on and hands free. Hands on mode is just in 20 sec.

Why do you use debtron seshgear erig?

Debtron as an atomizer that gives you the taste. It doesn’t show any temperature. Debtron is an eRig just to vape the device that enjoys the taste of your choice. One hand is all you need to start a session and adjust the carb cap. The fire button is located at the top of it, so it makes it very easy to do so. Your concentrates will taste great thanks to the coil-less quartz atomizer and it’s easy to clean as well.

The bottom line

Both bear 510 vape pen by lookah and debtron by seshgear erig has awesome features, both are easy to use. You can choose anyone from these. Their battery capacity, voltage, style and shape are elegant that suits your personality. But the battery capacity of the seshgear is on top and a little bit expensive. Overall you can pick your choice that suits you.

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