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How to Connect Multiple Monitors Wirelessly

You must have thought of connecting multiple monitors simultaneously. Working on more than one screen at a time can make us work easier and faster. It is also an effective way to be productive. Also, when recording video, using a camera monitor will be convenient.

However, you need to be careful while connecting multiple monitors together because if done inaccurately, you may face some trouble.

The most common reasons why most people want a multiple-monitor setup are for gaming or for a general elevated screen experience. Apart from this, you may also want a multiple monitor setup if you are a software developer looking to run various applications together. If you use one of your monitors in a vertical orientation, it can help you view and scroll through the documents that are longer.

Your search for directions to connect multiple monitors wirelessly ends here. We have put together a guide for connecting multiple monitors wirelessly.

Checking Compatibility of Monitors

Before connecting your multiple monitors together, it is essential that you check if they are compatible with each other or not. It is easy for you to connect two monitors at once. But if you wish to connect more than two monitors, it might take time. It is feasible if you have all the right things in place.

There are no limits to the number of monitors that you can connect wirelessly. While connecting multiple monitors wirelessly, you must check if all the monitors are Miracast-compatible. You should also make sure that your monitors are connected to a secure and stable network connection. Another point to check is that your devices are sufficiently charged.

Despite this, if nothing works for you, you will need a wireless transmitter along with a receiver kit if you want to cast or extend your display.

How to Connect Multiple Monitors Wirelessly

For connecting multiple monitors wirelessly, you need to check whether your monitor supports Miracast. If that is the case, then you do not need to bother about wires and cables. This is a popular technique amongst users who want to use their devices as external screens.

If you want to use multiple monitors, you first need to set up your primary display. You then need to follow the below steps to connect multiple monitors wirelessly:

  • Open the Settings App and go to the Apps Section.
  • Click on the Optional Features.
  • Next, go to the Add an optional feature field and click on the View Features button.
  • You need to search for the Wireless Display Feature and install it. You can find this feature in the installed section if it is already installed.
  • Go to the left part of the Window and click on the Bluetooth & Devices tab.
  • Click on Add Devices.
  • Select the Wireless Display and Dock options once you open the Add a Device window.
  • You need to wait until your device detects a secondary monitor.

Once your device finds a secondary monitor, you need to follow the instructions that come on your screen, and this will complete the connection.

Projection Settings

Once your monitors are connected, the settings for your devices will be synced to the last configuration automatically. You can change these settings as per your requirements.

You may want to change the settings if you are trying to extend the display from your monitor or if you are trying to mirror the primary screen’s content.

Follow the below steps to adjust your projection settings:

  • To open your projection settings, press Windows + P.
  • If you want to mirror the same content on all your monitors, then click on Duplicate.
  • If you want to extend the display on your monitors, then click on Extend.
  • The screen will flash once, and it is a confirmation that your settings have changed.

Tip: If you are trying to connect multiple monitors wirelessly and they are all of different models, you might need to make changes to the settings to sync your devices in a better way. You need to adjust the rate of refreshing and the screen resolution, among other settings, so that your devices are connected well. 

How to Display Multiple Monitors Remotely

With so much work going on remotely, especially after the pandemic, you must have thought of connecting multiple monitors wirelessly in remote conditions.  If you want to display multiple monitors remotely, then you need to check the following steps.

  • Open your remote desktop and select the Options button. You will find the Options button on the bottom left of the window. Next, select the Display tab. You need to check the box that says, ‘Use all my monitors for remote sessions.’
  • After selecting this, you need to press Connect and then proceed with connecting to the server as you would regularly do. You will now be able to display multiple monitors remotely.

How to Connect Multiple Monitors to One Monitor

Once you open your monitor, you need to select System. Next, you click on Display. Then, you need to select the monitor that you need to adjust. You will find this in the Select and Re-arrange Displays.

You need to select an appropriate viewing option from the drop-down menu according to your requirements. Here, you will find an option for Duplicate desktop, which shows a duplicate desktop as the name suggests.

If you want to learn more about monitor, you can visit Techverbs.

Key Takeaways

You must have thought of connecting multiple monitors wirelessly. You can multitask on your multiple monitors or have an elevated screen experience for leisure purposes when there is more than one monitor connected wirelessly. What’s more, is that you can also connect multiple remote monitors wirelessly if you have the necessary facilities.

Doing this without cables is a hassle-free task. For connecting multiple monitors wirelessly, you need to have a good network, and your monitors should be compatible. You can also connect multiple monitors, which are not of the same model, together without using wires and cables.

We have put together a comprehensive guide on how to connect multiple monitors wirelessly. Once you follow the instructions mentioned above, you are ready to connect multiple monitors wirelessly.

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