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What You Should Know about Self Loader Concrete Mixer with Pump

Self loader concrete mixer with pump refers a combination of self loader concrete mixer and stationary concrete pump. So it has function of mixing and pumping concrete.

Working process

Preparation step: after the self loader concrete mixer truck arrives at the construction site, the operator inspects and prepares the equipment. It includes checking the quality of the concrete in the mixing tank, lubricating the transfer pump, checking the hydraulic system, etc.

Mixing step: the driver in cab of self loader concrete mixer operates the functions of self loading, mixing and unloading. At the same time, the self loader will automatically calculate and add the appropriate amount of cement, sand, gravel and other raw materials according to the preset ratio.

Pumping step: after mixing is complete, self loader concrete mixer will discharge the concrete into the stationary concrete pump. The pump will transport the concrete through high-pressure pipelines to the construction site.

Pouring step: during the pumping process, the operator can adjust the pressure and flow rate of the delivery pump as needed to ensure the concrete can be transported smoothly to the designated location. At the same time, operators also need to monitor the quality and mix ratio of concrete to ensure the stability of the concrete.

Cleaning step: after finishing the pour, the operator needs to clean the self loading concrete mixer with pump, including drum mixer, pump and high-pressure pipelines.


High efficiency: the combination of self loader concrete mixer and stationary concrete pump can mix, transport and pump concrete, reducing the multiple transfers and pumping steps in traditional construction methods and greatly improving construction efficiency.

High quality: due to the self loader concrete mixer with pump can prepare high-quality concrete immediately at the construction site, so it can avoid problems such as concrete segregation and bleeding caused by long-distance transportation, ensuring the quality of the concrete.

Space saving: compared with traditional concrete production and delivery equipment, the self loader concrete mixer with pump can greatly reduce the space occupied by the equipment and is suitable for construction sites with limited space.

High reliability: self loader concrete mixer with pump has a high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient maintenance, so it can greatly improve the reliability and service life of the equipment.

Energy saving and environmental protection: the self loader concrete mixer with pump can greatly reduce the frequency of the use of transport vehicles, thereby reducing exhaust emissions, which is beneficial to energy saving and environmental protect.


Self loader concrete mixer with pump is mainly used in construction project, road and bridge, water conservancy, municipal projects and large-scale infrastructure construction projects. The advantage is that it can provide high-quality concrete and quickly and conveniently, save manpower and materials resources, and improve construction efficiency.

In summary, the self loader concrete mixer with pump from LT Group is an efficient, high-quality, space-saving, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has broad application prospects in engineering construction.

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