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E Releases New Mobile Interface, UI Overview, How to Navigate

E announces the launch of its new mobile user interface (UI), enhancing the way users interact with their platform. The fashion marketplace, beyond its unique collection of handmade and exclusive items, is also known for the company’s technological advancements such as AI-based curated feeds and the T Layout. This new interface is based on the T Layout, a newly developed design concept that enhances user experience on mobile devices.

The T Layout: A Brief Overview

The T Layout is an architectural and design concept that introduces horizontal scrolling as a complementary method to conventional navigation systems for mobile devices in web applications. This layout features a horizontally scrollable container divided into three distinct sections, each spanning the full width of the screen. It was developed to optimize space usage and streamline navigation, making it easier for users to access essential content with minimal effort.

E’s New Mobile UI: Navigating with Ease

E’s new mobile UI embraces the T Layout, offering a seamless and intuitive user experience. The central section of the interface, visible by default upon accessing the application, presents the main content. This is flanked by two “helper” sections, accessible through simple swipe gestures. Swiping left reveals the main menu on the left, while swiping right brings up the cart section. This implementation reflects E’s commitment to providing a user-friendly platform, catering to the preferences of mobile app users who favor one-handed usage and thumb navigation.

The Development of the T Layout

The T Layout was conceptualized and first released by E in 2023. It was designed based on principles of user-centric functionality, lightweight file size, and intuitive design. The layout’s development was driven by the need for more ergonomic and user-friendly interfaces in mobile web applications. In July 2023, E formalized the concept and its technical specifications, introducing it to the web design and development community. The subsequent “T-Layout Experiment” demonstrated the efficiency of using swipe gestures over traditional navigation controls, confirming the layout’s effectiveness.

How to Navigate E’s New Mobile Interface

Navigating E’s new mobile interface is straightforward. Users can explore the platform’s diverse range of fashion items by scrolling through the central section. To access the main menu, including categories and settings, a simple swipe to the right is all that’s needed. For those looking to view their cart or check out, swiping to the left provides instant access.

E’s Vision for the Future

With the launch of this new mobile UI, E continues to bridge the gap between talented designers with limited resources and fashion-forward consumers. This interface not only enhances the shopping experience but also aligns with E’s vision of creating a more sustainable and efficient production cycle through the utilization of technology.

About E

E began its journey in 2019 as “Everything,” a local denim brand based in Athens. Transitioning into a fashion marketplace in 2022, E is dedicated to showcasing handmade and exclusive items from small-scale local brands, designers, and artisans. Recognized for supporting early-stage designers, E offers a diverse range of select fashion items that cater to various tastes.

For more information about E and its new mobile interface, visit: or follow/message @estreetwear on Instagram.


Chris X.

Brand Communications at E

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