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Space Exploration: Recent Milestones and Future Missions

What do you think when you look at the sky filled with stars?  Have you ever thought about the world that resides outside our planet Earth? Some people got too mysterious to answer these questions, so they started to explore Space.

Space exploration is the human effort to understand and explore the universe outside of Earth. It is about exploring amazing stuff beyond our planet. The Venty Vaporizer’s discreet and portable design makes it an ideal choice for vaping on the go. Through the Venty Storz Und Bickel Test, one can understand how it merges convenience with powerful vapor production.

It is a vast, magnificent effort that has captured people’s attention for generations. We have been motivated by a deep curiosity about our place in the universe from the earliest days when humans stared at the stars to the present day when we launched spacecraft and men into space.

Looking into space has always made people curious. In early times, people studied the stars to tell time and find their way. The first satellite was launched in the early 1900s, and from there, things got exciting, which were more like robots around the earth.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon, and this is where the Exploration of space started as a race to see who could explore new things faster.


There is a massive list of milestones achieved by different countries and scientists throughout the years. Here are the most recent Milestones of Space Exploration:


03-01-2019Landing on the far side of the moon with any significant damage to the vehicle (soft landing)CHINA(CNSA)Chang’e 4
10-4-2019Direct Photograph of Black HoleUSA(NASA)Event Horizon Telescope
6-4-2021A quake that was confirmed on another planet (marsquake)USA(NASA)InSight
19-4-2021The first flight on another planet that was powered aerodynamicallyUSA(NASA)Ingenuity
20-4-2021Production of oxygen on another planetUSA(NASA)MOXIE
14-12-2021Spacecraft flew for the first time through the atmosphere of a star (the Sun’s corona)USA(NASA)Parker Solar Probe
25-12-2021The largest space telescope to date was launchedUSA(NASA) CANADA (CSA)James Webb Space Telescope
26-9-2023Contact with an asteroid moon was made with a spacecraftUSA(NASA)DART
23-8–2023First landing at the lunar south pole.INDIA(ISRO)Chandrayaan-3



It continues because there are many more things to be explored, and the world is trying to get more insights. Listed below are some of the future missions. Offering a clean and pure vapor, the Venty Vaporizer emphasizes health and safety without compromising on performance. The Venty Storz Und Bickel Test reviews its safety features and the quality of vapor it produces.

  • Hum of the universe:

Astronomers have detected a faint “hum” originating from supermassive black holes colliding using a network of radio telescopes. It is one of the significant steps towards the mysteries of our universe, which are yet to be discovered.

  • 25 years of the International Space Station

The space station is ending soon, but good news! It did fantastic science despite a shaky future. Helped clean water, fight bone loss, and even grow food in space! Excellent stuff, even if politics get messy.

  • A record-breaking number of U.S. rocket launches:

The US has decided to launch many rockets into space this year, breaking all the previous records.

There’s more to space exploration than simply exciting adventures. It improves our understanding of our planet, including how to safeguard it and how the weather functions.


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