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A Guide To Choosing The Best Medical Scrubs For Men

Since the nursing profession has been mostly female-dominated for a long time, it can be hard for men to locate top-quality clothing specifically made for male nurses. Male nurses usually have different needs than those who are female. As nurses work many hours working in scrubs, it’s crucial that male nurses can locate scrub tops and pants that fit perfectly.

We’ve all heard that if you pick the job you love, you’ll never do another job in your entire life. This same logic applies to your scrubs: Purchase and keep scrubs you enjoy, and you’ll never have to worry about getting dressed for work. Stay tuned for more info!

Ensure you adhere to these five primary rules when choosing your scrubs for medical use. You’ll stay on the proper path:

When Shopping For The Best Medical Scrubs For Men: The 5 Key Elements

Choose Synthetic Fabrics

If you’re like many of us, you’re not a fan of ironing your clothes. And, guess what — there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. We are in 2018 and can choose the most advanced technical fabrics. Polyester is one of them, and it is so appealing because it’s impossible to get it wrong.

Here’s a quick Polyester 101:

In 1941, polyester was developed through the efforts of two British scientists in England because World War II made it difficult to find cotton. After the war ended in 1945, DuPont acquired the license to create polyester. By 1950, a manufacturing facility located in Delaware began producing polyester fabric.

Polyester is a popular material for clothes today due to its distinct advantages over cotton. It can be made to be light and moisture-wicking. It also holds its color and does not shrink when washed repeatedly. If there’s no reason to choose polyester, there are many additional reasons – it stains more effectively than cotton and can withstand a lot of wear. 

There’s a reason that most sports clothes today are made of polyester or poly blend. In short, it’s associated with ease of care and performance. It would help if you were looking for it when purchasing scrubs you wear daily. Wash and dry at a low temperature. There are no wrinkles. It’s all good.

Get the Proper Fit

Every male body, indeed, has its style. The differences become more evident when you compare the female body types. Think big shoulders and flat chests and so on.

So, let’s cut right to the point. It’s time to ditch the unisex scrubs and buy scrubs made to flatter your masculine frame.

The men’s scrubs must have right edges and straight lines to match the standard male shape and help you appear strong. Find scrub tops with particulars like pocket squares and stitches that highlight your shoulders. It is also essential to stay clear of man-cleavage as much as possible. The v-neck of your scrubs must always be at least your armpits for those who want to maintain a professional appearance. To ensure your safety and comfort, look into a crew neck undershirt.

After everything is done, do you know what will make you feel more masculine? Compliments. Dress in stylish scrubs, and you’ll be able to score daily; that’s not bad. Click here for details.

Feel Good In Your Scrubs

The results of studies have proven that clothing can impact an individual’s comprehension and performance. That’s why comfort is essential in deciding on the best scrubs. What are the most comfortable scrubs? The answer is high. With the abundance of high-performance fabrics on the market, there’s no reason for scrubs not to be 100 percent comfortable.

Scrubs are made of the highest quality, smooth, and soft fabric, just like butter. Make sure you look for scrubs with a few “comfort additional features” like tag-less tags (instead of having a cumbersome tag stitched in the seams, the tag is imprinted on the inside) and an elastic neck ribbon that wraps through the middle of the collar to avoid the chafing. The quality of stitching on seams can help your scrubs feel more comfortable on your skin.

Protect Your Assets

You are your most valuable asset, so try to choose scrubs that ensure your safety around your daily routine. At the very least, your scrubs must be antimicrobial. Antimicrobial technology helps fight bacteria and odors, assisting to keep you healthy and clean. The next step in protection is a physical barrier that protects your body from harmful toxins.

Find scrubs with matching undershirts and long sleeves, or wear scrub jackets. This bomber-style Men’s Scrub Jacket is an excellent choice since it’s constructed from our antimicrobial fabric that breathes, keeping you cool but not hot.

Make Your Uniform Personal

Everyone is doing it. Scrubs that you can personalize using embroidery are more sought-after than ever, and if the scrub brand can’t make your scrubs embroidered for you, then you must stop using them like a bad habit. Choose a scrub company that can embroider your scrubs like it’s nothing but a breeze. The embroidery should be flawless and speedy since, after all, we are living in the 21st century.

Men are making their scrubs custom-made with their names. They often also add the title(s) on their scrubs. (As they ought to because they deserve these!) But be cautious not to go overboard, or you might appear pompous.

Post-nominal abbreviations are essential – you want others to be aware of what you’ve done. However, you want to include those that are relevant to the current position you’re working in. Also, consider placing your brand name on the scrubs to give them an extremely professional appearance.

If your scrubs complete all these tasks, getting ready for work each day is a pleasant experience. Additionally, you’ll earn valuable time, time to sleep for a bit longer, or drink a cup of coffee. It’s your choice!

If you’re unsure, look into Scrubs since they fulfill all these requirements. With free exchanges and returns, you have no excuse. Why not give it a shot?

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