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7 Tips to Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake Longer on the Road

“Truck driving is not a lazy man’s job; it is a monotonous and exhausting role. This assertion is especially true for long-haul truck drivers who drive through seemingly unending highways.” says injury attorney Matthew Aulsbrook. Drivers should stay alert throughout each journey to ensure the safety of every road user.

However, this is easier said than done because truckers often work 10-12-hour shifts to make timely deliveries. Beyond the mandatory ten hours of sleep between shifts, below are some tips you can adopt to stay awake and safe on duty:

Be Consistent With Your Sleep Schedule

Getting the right amount of sleep should not be a one-off thing; it is vital to ensure a consistent sleep schedule. Some newer drivers have the dangerous habit of driving longer distances only to rest for a shorter period. You put other road users at risk any time you fail to get the deserved rest.

Adopting and sticking with a consistent sleep schedule is the most ideal way for truckers to stay awake. Never be tempted to replace quality night rest with naps.

Eat Lightly and More Often

Eating a large meal will easily wear you out. It is best if you spread out your meals. We know maintaining this diet is challenging, but it makes all the difference!

Plan properly to eat four to five smaller meals during your journey. Apart from helping you stay alert, it also aids weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

Stay Hydrated

The only way to stay hydrated is to drink enough water. Staying hydrated has numerous benefits as it contributes to keeping you awake. Avoid juices and sodas because too much sugar leads to dehydration. It leads to a sugar crash in some instances.

Engage in Regular Exercise

Because many truck drivers work for long hours, they erroneously presume they do not have time for exercise. You can quickly jog around the truck stop to stay fit. Engaging in 11-15 minutes of daily exercise contributes to your alertness on the road.

Ensure you get your heart rate up daily. Your brain releases energy-producing chemicals and endorphins during exercise.

Do Not Be Addicted to Caffeine

While it is not debatable that a Monster energy drink quickly bolsters your alertness level, it is worth noting that you may witness a problematic crash a few hours later. The consequences will hit you even harder if you are still on the road.

Do not rely too much on caffeine, as it can interrupt your consistent sleep schedule. Normal coffee will do for a minor pick-me-up. Coffee will give you the needed caffeine without crashing you out later.

Turn the Volume Up

A great way to pass the time while driving is listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. You avoid boredom when you listen to something interesting while driving. Without boredom, you are less likely to fall asleep on the job.

Hence, before commencing any journey, line up entertainment options for yourself to serve as a useful distraction at the most appropriate time. Enjoy your ride by turning the volume up!

Observe Breaks Appropriately

If all the tips listed above fail, take a break! If you do not trust your ability to stay awake, respect your gut. Get the deserved rest before continuing with the journey. If you force things, remember you are putting yourself and other road users at undue risk.

The rule of thumb for truckers to stay awake longer is by listening to and caring for their body.

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