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Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

You may have a right to compensation after an injury resulting from someone else’s negligence in Colorado. However, having a right to compensation does not guarantee recovering what you deserve. There are situations where you could lose everything, so it is important to involve a lawyer.

Not all cases may require hiring a lawyer, raising the question of when to involve a lawyer. This guide answers if you need a lawyer and can offer an informative insight into the issue, so keep reading to learn more.

Cases of Severe Injuries

“The severity of injuries and the value of a personal injury claim go together. More severe injuries require specialized treatment, which can be pretty expensive. Also, resulting non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability, PTSD, anxiety, etc., can be significantly higher,” says attorney Amy Gaiennie of Amy G Injury Firm.

High-value claims result in more spirited opposition from the opposing side in an attempt to minimize the payout. Having a lawyer on your side provides some safety as you know they will apply the most effective strategy to get the best outcome.

Where Fault Is In Dispute

Most insurers will have a clause on the policy document preventing policyholders from accepting liability in an accident, even when it is obvious. Instead, policyholders must leave the fault determination to insurance adjusters, lawyers, and accident investigators.

Where the facts of the case are unclear, the fault may be in dispute, making having a lawyer critical. A lawyer ensures that justice is followed in fault determination and may sometimes require bringing in expert witnesses.

Some Types of Injuries

The difference in the types of cases makes some inherently complicated and others less complicated. For example, worker compensation claims have a relatively straightforward claims process, which you can, in some situations, navigate on your own.

On the other hand, a medical malpractice lawsuit is among the most complicated types of personal injury claims, and it’s almost impossible to win if you are not working with a lawyer.

You Are up Against a Powerful Entity

The defendant in a personal injury case determines the level of opposition you are likely to face. Large corporations have a name to protect. So when their brand image depends on the outcome of a claim, they will put up a big fight and have the resources to do that.

You do not have to match their financial strength. All you need is a skilled lawyer or work with a well-resourced law firm that can put you somewhat on par in terms of legal representation.

If your lawyer does a great job and you win against a powerful entity, it can mean winning significant payouts because of their level of coverage. Also, juries are not as kind to corporations and may not have a problem awarding large payouts as long as the plaintiff can establish negligence.

You Want Peace of Mind

There is a lot to think about after an accident: your recovery, piling hospital bills, losing your ability to earn a living, and life after an accident, mainly if it results in disability or disfigurement.

If you add handling a claim into the picture, the level of mental and psychological strain may be too high. Involving a lawyer means leaving every aspect of handling a claim to them so you can focus on issues you can’t avoid. Also, knowing that you have someone looking out for your rights can offer great comfort and give you quite some peace of mind.

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