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DDFK Oompah Band: From Wedding to Corporate Parties, These Party Mavens are Taking the UK by Storm!


Get ready to raise a stein and shout “Ein Prosit!” because DDFK Oompah Band is bringing the party atmosphere around the globe!

Formed in 1995 by the charismatic frontman Geoff (the one with the unforgettable blue hair!), DDFK Oompah Band has been a force to be reckoned with in the event entertainment scene. Geoff and his team of talented musicians have perfected the art of creating unforgettable parties, catering to every event’s unique needs, and transforming them into extraordinary occasions.

Hailing from London, DDFK Oompah Band’s energetic performances have taken them on an incredible international journey. From Germany and Spain to the UAE and Namibia, they’ve captivated audiences with their musical talent and infectious enthusiasm.

This year alone, DDFK Oompah Band has supported major announcements from Capital Radio and Bluey, energized crowds as the warm-up act for the Take That tour, and added a vibrant touch to German car shows. Their versatility extends beyond lively Oktoberfest celebrations and traditional waltzes and polkas, encompassing pop covers and German schlager hits. They’ve recently expanded their offerings to include a DJ set, ensuring the party never stops!

Want a wedding that’ll have your guests talking for years to come? Picture DDFK Oompah Band serenading you down the aisle, then transforming into a roving party machine that keeps the dance floor packed all night long.

Planning a corporate event that needs a serious energy boost? DDFK Oompah Band can create a custom set list that gets your team motivated and ready to celebrate.

Basically, if your event needs a shot of fun, DDFK Oompah Band is the answer!

With a packed calendar featuring upcoming performances in Liechtenstein and Nuremberg, the DDFK Oompah Band is a guaranteed highlight at any event. Their diverse repertoire and proven track record solidify their position as a frontrunner in the music industry, bringing joy and an unforgettable party experience to every corner of the world.

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About DDFK Oompah Band

Founded in 1995, DDFK Oompah Band is not your average band. From weddings, corporate functions, and festivals to Oktoberfest, they blend classic oompah anthems with infectious pop covers, high-energy German schlager hits, and even offer a DJ set to keep the party going all night long. Their genre-bending expertise and commitment to creating memories have made them rising stars in the UK, collaborating with Capital Radio, Bluey, and the Take That tour. DDFK Oompah Band has captivated audiences in Germany, Spain, the UAE, and Namibia with their infectious energy and unparalleled musical talent.

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