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Clash Royale Goblin Giant Evolution  Deck Guide and Winning Strategy

Evolution has been the new productive currency of Clash Royale developers Supercell. June 18, 2023, is the dateline when the Evolution card was first announced in the game, considered an alien concept but now everyone not only uses these regularly and in their decks plus, but it gives a different vibe.   On July 1st, the 17th  evolution card war was released it’s connected to Goblin Queen’s Journey as the card is Goblin Giant. If you want to upgrade any characters and not have enough Clash Royale gems, you can buy some from U7BUY.

And now the Goblin Giant Evolution event running and if you’re struggling with it then we have a powerful and very balanced Clash Royale Goblin Giant Evolution  Deck for you.

Also, if you’re a beginner and want to enjoy this Clash Royale Goblin Queen’s Journey, you can buy a Clash Royale account having already all these goblin cards unlocked and well-updated

The Clash Royale Goblin Giant Evolution: What’s New?

The basic difference between the two is the Sack-trick special ability bestowed on Goblin Giant. What it does is spawn additional Goblins when its health falls below half, adding extra support during attacks. This ability activates at 50% health and spawns Goblins every 1.5 seconds.

How is Clash Royale Goblin Ginat different from its Evolution?

This Clash Royale Goblin GinatEvolution deck has enough power to outrank any other Deck, The synergy between cards like the Prince, Phoenix, and Fisherman ensures you can counter specific threats with ease. Goblin Giant Evolution itself provides endless entertainment with its funny moments and powerful abilities, making this deck not only effective but also a lot of fun to play.

Clash Royale Goblin Giant Evolution  Deck

Card Breakdown and Stats

Card 1: Goblin Giant (Evo)

  • Elixir Cost: 6
  • Why It’s Used: Your main win condition. Evolves into a goblin-spawning machine.

Card 2: Prince

  • Elixir Cost: 5
  • Why It’s Used: High damage, charges quickly, and works well with Goblin Giant.

Card 3: Phoenix

  • Elixir Cost: 4
  • Why It’s Used: Strong support that can revive and keep the pressure.

Card 4: Evo Zap

  • Elixir Cost: 2
  • Why It’s Used: It is essential for resetting and dealing with swarms.

Card 5: Arrows

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Why It’s Used: Clears out pesky minions and low-health troops.

Card 6: Goblin Curse

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Why It’s Used: Adds consistent damage and supports Goblin Giant.

Card 7: Fisherman

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Why It’s Used: Pulls away tanks and key defenses.

Card 8: Goblin Demolisher

  • Elixir Cost: 4
  • Why It’s Used: Adds splash damage and pressure.

Average Elixir Cost

This deck has an average elixir cost of 3.75, making it a balanced deck that can handle both quick cycles and heavy pushes. The versatility of this cost allows for flexible strategies in various situations.

Winning Strategy

  1. Early Game Setup: Cycle through your cards, aiming to get your Evo Goblin Giant and key support troops ready.
    • Use Fisherman and Prince to handle early threats.
    • Cycle Evo Zap and Arrows for swarms and light troops.
  2. Mid-Game Pressure: Build your push with Goblin Giant and support troops.
    • Place Goblin Giant at the back to build Elixir.
    • Use Phoenix and Prince behind Goblin Giant for maximum damage output.
    • Fishermen to pull away defending tanks like Pekka.
  3. Late Game Domination: Overwhelm your opponent with evolved Goblin Giants and support troops.
    • Utilize Evo Zap to reset key defenses.
    • Arrows and Goblin Curse to chip away and support your main push.
    • Keep cycling and applying pressure until their towers fall.

Pro Tips

  • Handling Pekka: Ensure you have Prince and Phoenix ready. Place them behind Goblin Giant to take out any tank or support unit.
  • Dealing with Hog Rider and Goblin Drill: Use Fisherman to pull away cards like Hog Rider and predict
  • Defensive Mastery: Fisherman and Prince are your best defensive tools. Use them wisely to counter heavy pushes.

Final Thoughts

This Clash Royale Goblin Giant Evolution deck is incredibly versatile and powerful. With the right strategy and understanding of your opponent’s deck, you can dominate any matchup. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep playing and refining your technique.

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