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5 Types of Timeless Jewelry That You Should Wear

Everyone wants their belongings to always look brand new or sophisticated despite the several years of their existence. When it comes to jewelry, perhaps you will immediately think of a diamond ring in terms of its undying shine, purity, and stability. Yet if you are the one who just wants to spend enough expense for it, then diamonds could just be in the latter choice.

Among the vast kinds of pieces of jewelry in the world, probably we should think of something that is not always the talk of the folk. Aside from exhibiting a unique and extraordinary look in the crowd, you could also have an economical and ideal bling-bling. The major problem is simple however, some kinds of jewelry used to fade its beauty, shine, and elegant look as time passes by. To help with this matter, dive into this list for you to discover:

1. Wristwatches

You would be puzzled right now but you heard it right: wristwatches are jewelry. What is interesting about it is that technology and fashion come in a single bracelet-like bodily adornment. Here’s the catch anyway: wristwatches are timeless getup material for you to wear. As they bring the time with you, they catch a great juxtaposition of elegance and function. Just like an art piece, watches also vary on makers. If you are looking for great watchmakers, consider the wristwatches from Maurice Lacroix. Their luxury timepieces revolve from a high-end, modern aura. Wristwatches are indeed versatile jewelry that can serve as an amazing tool for both keeping the time and revitalizing fashion.

2. Pearls

Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets seem to be the most default jewelry but little do we know that these could be as timeless as diamonds from having some pearly magicks. Made out of the calcium carbonate from the shells under the sea, pearls are truly and timelessly lovely from their brimming circular shape. Even in ancient times, pearls are recognized as an ultimate status symbol due to their unwavering beauty and perfectly-irregular shapes. What makes pearls extra special is that it is formed from a living creature, oysters, among other gem materials. Also, unlike emerald or even diamond, they require no polishing or cutting to be fully furnished as it just shines solely by its natural shape and form.

3. Pendants

One from your necklace or one from an anklet, pendants are truly head-to-toe jewelry stuff that is just timelessly remembering. To be exact, pendants are the oldest chronicled types of bodily adornment from which Ancient Egyptians started with hieroglyphic-like shapes. What makes pendants timelessly elegant is their dazzling and versatile functions that encompass the worlds of security, enchantment, and fashion. From the symbol of yourself to ostentation; from protecting beliefs to ornamentation, no doubt pendants are a forever friend. These are the types of pendants:

● Amulets

From the supernatural perspective, pendants are used as an amulet from which they are believed to possess supernatural attributes from bearing spiritual or magical powers.

● Adornments

Amulets could be used for both ornamentation and protection but, adornments could simply be aesthetic or symboling to juxtapose with your attire or to symbolize your personality or even identity.

● Lockets

Lockets are indeed interestingly timeless. Many people used to have it for them to keep the photos of their loved ones. It is a pendant that usually comes in a heart or circular shape that can be opened to secure some things special to its owner.

4. Jade Bangles

They don’t just add extra vibrance, color, life, and movement to our arms, wrists, or even ankles, but they also disport an endless elegance for some body parts that we want to revitalize. Authentic jades are made up of either jadeite or nephrite, from which exhibit a resemblant, glassy visage. Now let’s look at the quality and value of jades. As the jade gets old over the years, its value relatively increases. Comes with a library of colors ranging in green, orange, yellow, lavender, grey, brown, white, and black, you can pick the best one that suits your taste or even getup.

5. Stud Earrings

Stable and firm yet exhibit an absolute beauty from its various shapes. Studs are just nice jewelry that has an unfailing trend that you can always relish. It is one of the most preferred earrings of the ladies as it is just simple, easy, and convenient to wear and even to keep. It also has soft snapping locks that are just sincerely loving. Whatever type of material you have for this, no one can ever resist just look at its simplicity. As many say, simplicity is beauty.


What pieces of jewelry reveal to us is that we could possess and value things for various reasons aside from the elegance that they can provide. It could just be something memorable to us or simply it has some sentimental value. Timeless does not always intend to be found on its visage; it could just be intangible, keeping an undying worth.

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