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SF Hail and Dent Team Expands Operations to Killeen, Texas, Offering Expert Hail Damage Repair Services

KILLEEN, TX – [5-24-2023] – SF Hail and Dent Team, a leading provider of hail damage repair services, is excited to announce the launch of their operations in Killeen, Texas. With over 55 years of combined owner experience in the paintless dent repair (PDR) and hail damage repair industries, SF Hail and Dent Team brings unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence to the local communities of Killeen, Copperas Cove, Ft. Hood, Belton, Barnet, and Lampasas.

As a veteran-owned (US ARMY, stationed on Ft. Hood in early 90s) and operated company, SF Hail and Dent Team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to their customers while supporting those who have served their country. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, their team of highly skilled technicians is well-equipped to handle any hail damage repair job, no matter the scale.

Having successfully repaired over 17,000 vehicles with paintless dent repair, SF Hail and Dent Team has a proven track record of restoring vehicles to their pre-damage condition. Paintless dent repair is a specialized technique that ensures a seamless and non-invasive repair process, preserving the original factory finish of the vehicle. This approach not only saves time but also reduces costs, making it an ideal solution for hail damage repair.

In addition to their extensive repair experience, SF Hail and Dent Team has written over 4,000 estimates and prepared over 2,500 supplements for insurance companies. This expertise allows them to navigate the complex world of insurance claims seamlessly. The company prides itself on building strong relationships with insurers, enabling them to streamline the hail claim and repair process for their customers. Their in-depth understanding of insurance procedures ensures a hassle-free experience and helps customers maximize their claim settlements.

Furthermore, they are extremely knowledgeable in utilizing state-of-the-art auto body shop software for estimating claims. They have a deep understanding of popular platforms such as CCC1, Web-Est, Audatex, and Mobiletech RX. By leveraging these advanced tools, SF Hail and Dent Team ensures accurate and efficient claim estimations, allowing for a smoother insurance process for their valued customers.

With their proficiency in auto body shop software, SF Hail and Dent Team streamlines the estimation process, reducing the time and effort required to prepare accurate estimates and supplements for insurance companies. Their in-depth knowledge of these industry-standard software solutions enables them to provide detailed and comprehensive assessments of hail damage, ensuring that customers receive fair and optimal claim settlements.

“Utilizing auto body shop software has been integral to our success in delivering exceptional service to our customers,” said Greg Dick (second owner). “We recognize the importance of staying updated with the latest industry tools and technologies, and our expertise in platforms like CCC1, Web-Est, Audatex, and Mobiletech RX allows us to provide precise estimates and supplements, ultimately benefiting our customers during the hail damage repair process.”

SF Hail and Dent Team’s proficiency in auto body shop software demonstrates their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance their services and deliver the highest quality hail damage repair Killeen and surrounding area customers.

“Launching operations in Killeen is an exciting milestone for SF Hail and Dent Team. We are committed to providing the highest quality hail damage repair services to the local community,” said Duane Langenfeld, co-founder of SF Hail and Dent Team. “With our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are confident that we can exceed the expectations of our customers in Killeen and surrounding areas.”

SF Hail and Dent Team invites the residents of Killeen and neighboring communities to experience their exceptional hail damage repair services. From small dents to extensive hail damage, their team of experts is ready to restore vehicles to their original condition with precision and care.

For more information about SF Hail and Dent Team and their services, please visit their website at

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