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Which Engagement Rings Should You Choose: Lab Grown or Natural?

A lab-grown diamond is a real diamond that looks similar to earth-mined diamonds, except that these diamonds are grown in laboratory settings. While natural diamonds are mined from Earth’s surface, lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories using high pressure, temperature, and chemical vapor deposition methods. Today scientists are creating diamonds that look similar to natural diamonds and have the same physical and chemical attributes. Lab-grown diamonds also receive certification from the international and gemological institutes of America. At New World Diamonds, you get a variety of ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds at affordable rates.

One of the most fantastic and wonderful moments in anyone’s life is getting engaged to the person they love. If you want to propose to your partner, the first thing that would come to your mind is gifting her a diamond ring. You can choose between two options when deciding on a diamond engagement ring, a natural one or a lab-grown one. Following are the reasons to help you know why you should choose a lab-grown diamond over natural diamonds for any special occasion.

The best option if you are on a tight budget

If you are planning to buy a ring for your loved one that symbolizes love and commitment to them within your budget, then a lab-grown diamond will be the perfect option. Plenty of options are at your fingertips if you choose lab-grown diamonds. They are readily available in the market today, and you can purchase a big-size diamond at affordable rates than going for small natural diamonds. Natural diamonds take several years to be mined, and so they come with a hefty price tag. Instead of spending huge money on a small-carat natural diamond ring, you can go for a small-carat size man-made diamond engagement rate that comes at a lower rate.


The demand for natural diamonds is a result of a marketing campaign that states that diamonds are forever; however, this catchphrase is not true in reality. Diamonds are beautiful stones and highly durable; therefore, they are considered the strongest substance in the world. If you are looking for a durable diamond stone, then lab-grown diamonds will be the best alternative to natural diamonds since they are created in laboratories, so they are chip resistant and durable.

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds.

People are often skeptical and think lab-grown diamonds are not real diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical composition as natural diamonds. Therefore, there is no chance of getting artificial and fake diamonds if you buy a lab-grown diamond from a trusted company. Lab-grown diamonds are created using real diamond seed in the same environmental conditions and using heat and pressure as natural diamonds.

Ethical Choice

The mining of natural diamonds is related to bloodshed, slavery, child labor, and abuse. If you want to go for an ethical and human choice, then go for man made diamond engagement ring, which will be the right choice for eco-conscious couples. When purchasing lab-grown diamond rings, you make an environmentally friendly choice. There are no environmental hazards related to lab-grown diamonds, unlike natural diamonds.


Engagement Rings Lab Grown’s popularity is constantly rising in the market as they are an economical choice for diamond engagement rings. You need to take certain factors into consideration, like your budget, your partner’s preference, and whether you are prioritizing the resale value of the ring or not. Lab grown diamonds are natural diamonds. Both have their unique benefits and their own prejudices. It rests on your personal preference and financial decision about which diamond you need to opt for. What really matters is that you have to choose a beautiful diamond ring that can reflect your story and style.

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