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The Most Common Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Google Ads is one of the most valuable advertising channels available for most businesses. However, not all are making the most out of this platform. While some businesses are achieving great success with Google Ads, others are struggling to turn a profit.

The common mistakes that businesses make when running Google Ads campaigns include not setting up conversion tracking, not taking advantage of negative keywords, failing to use ad extensions, failing to use geotargeting correctly, and using only broad-match keywords. In this article, we will explore these mistakes in detail. We’ll also provide practical tips to avoid or correct these mistakes so that you can maximize your investment in Google Ads.

Neglecting negative keywords

Negative keywords refer to specific words or phrases incorporated into advertising campaigns to prevent the display of ads for irrelevant search queries. By incorporating these specific terms, it is possible to guarantee that your promotional efforts are exclusively viewed by individuals who are genuinely interested in your products or services. This approach can result in cost savings and the generation of more qualified leads. Failure to consider negative keywords may lead to financial losses and substandard leads. It is imperative to allocate sufficient time to research and integrate appropriate negative keywords into every campaign.

Failing to use ad extensions

The non-utilization of Google Ads extensions may have various consequences, encompassing short-term and long-term effects. In the short term, the effectiveness of your advertising efforts may fail to align with your intended level of achievement. The omission of Google Ads extensions could negatively affect your brand’s image in the long run. The lack of comprehensive details about a brand’s products or services can undermine the trust of potential customers, ultimately obstructing their ability to make informed purchasing choices. Incorporating Google Ads extensions is crucial for achieving favourable outcomes in an advertising endeavour.

Not using geotargeting effectively

Not using geotargeting effectively in Google Ads can have several adverse effects. To start with, it can lead to wasted ad spend as you may target people not interested in your product or service. Moreover, it can lead to low click-through rates and poor conversion rates as the ads may need to be more relevant to the target audience. Finally, it can also increase the bounce rate as users may need help finding what they want on your website due to incorrect targeting. To ensure that you use geotargeting effectively, target suitable locations and demographics for your product or service.

Using only broad-match keywords

Broad-match keywords are the most general type of keyword, and they will match any search query that contains all or some of the words in your keyword phrase, regardless of order or proximity. This means that you may end up showing ads for irrelevant searches, which can lead to wasted ad spend and low-quality traffic. Combining different keyword match types in your campaigns is the best way to avoid these issues, as it will help control costs while ensuring that relevant audiences see your ads.

Not setting up conversion tracking

Ignoring conversion tracking can have a significant negative impact on your ads performance. Without it, it will be very challenging to measure the success of your campaigns in an accurate manner and determine which ones are working and which aren’t. You won’t be able to identify which keywords are driving conversions or the amount that each keyword costs in terms of cost per acquisition (CPA). Conversion tracking makes it easier to know if your money spent on ads results in tangible benefits for your business. Ignoring conversion tracking can significantly negatively impact your ads performance and should be rectified.

Using Google Ads can be a headache as tons of moving parts are involved. As a certified Google Partner, Techna Digital’s ppc services can help you with everything related to Google Ads, from setup, optimization, and maintenance.

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