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What Decisions Are Made by Community Associations?

Community associations have a fiduciary duty to the homeowners. An integral part of their roles is making decisions to manage and govern the community effectively. While a community association could theoretically advocate for their towns, managing respective communities can be complex and time-consuming. Professional community association management helps associations establish and enforce rules fairly and consistently.

Decisions made by community associations are usually in the best interests of the community. They are guided by governing documents and state laws but can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the community. This post explores how a community association can benefit from our outsourcing full-service management.

Benefits of Outsourcing Full-Service Community Association Management

The board of directors is entrusted to make decisions and take care of the community. However, sometimes homeowners question the board’s authority, especially when their votes don’t count in making decisions.

While the board is the association’s voice, it cannot speak on behalf of homeowners without their approval. Board members often have background information homeowners do not have, meaning reasoning may not be apparent to homeowners. Full-service community association management fills the inherent gaps, helping maintain harmony.

Here is why every community association should consider professonal management services:

1. Efficient Financial Management

Community associations collect assessments for homeowners to cover community expenses, including maintenance. They are responsible for managing these finances, which can prove to be challenging. Community association management can provide comprehensive financial management services, easing the job on the board.

A reputable management service can streamline financial processes by collecting assessments when due, helping with budgeting, handling accounts payable/receivable, and preparing detailed financial reports. This can help maintain transparent and sustainable financial practices, safeguarding the community’s financial health.

Through the board, community association managers can offer insights into real estate trends, particularly regarding resale value, helping homeowners resell their property at optimal prices.

2. Tailored On-Demand Management

As the voice of a community, the board of directors makes decisions in the best interests of owners. Albeit prioritizing community needs and preferences, they usually have limited resources and time.

A management company, through its dedication and expertise, can tailor its services to meet the community’s needs timely and accurately. With tailored on-demand management, community associations can select specific services instead of a one-size-fits-all management package. They can also get expert advice and guidance regarding specific challenges. This can help cut down management costs while ensuring the association has an expert at its disposal.

3. Project Portfolio Management

Every community needs a development plan and initiatives to guarantee progressive growth and improvement. Sadly, not all associations have amenities, and those with facilities, often have maintenance plans, not development plans.

Professional management services can help associations initiate projects and develop practical frameworks to monitor the performance of those projects. Management services can even aid associations in setting up a hub to coordinate and allocate resources based on priorities and constraints. In the long term, a knowledgeable management team can help an association preserve its heritage areas and natural resources.

Proper project portfolio management promotes continuous improvement, which can potentially grow the value of properties.

4. Timely Maintenance

Community associations can face various challenges while taking care of routine operations, especially if the community is significantly large. Management services offer the administrative support and resources needed to streamline operations and support the community’s well-being.

Whether it is roof cleaning or gutter clearing, repair or upgrades, recurring maintenance, or one-time large-scale project oversight, community association management can help communities handle these projects in the best way possible.


Managing communities effectively can be challenging. Community association management services can help streamline operations while supporting the well-being of the community members. Associations that outsource full-service management can focus on enhancing the quality of life for homeowners knowing ambiguous will be expertly taken care of.

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