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Bitrix24 the Ultimate Workspace Provides Free CRM for Companies

London, UK, July 5, 2023 – Contemporary CRM tools make it possible to implement a strategy, identify and manage relationships with customers, allows to record information about prospects and contacts and follow them through the sales process.

Why is CRM essential for business?

As the brand grows, you need to take care of different areas of your business. From customers to employees, to your sales and marketing analytics efforts, everything about it is getting more intense. In this case, managing a business manually becomes difficult, expensive and inefficient. If not handled with care, it can cost you sales and customers!
So you shouldn’t rely solely on manual spreadsheets or sticky notes! And this is where free CRM for companies comes into play. It can help your business grow by streamlining labor and business processes, allowing you to automate all processes.
Customer and Lead Sales Management. Accurate contact tracing is essential to secure your team stays in touch with relevant leads and customers. Good CRM software makes it easy to automatically create monthly or weekly alerts to keep track of so you can know exactly when to get in touch.


You can automatically create, manage and convert leads with Bitrix24 CRM. With this tool, it is possible to run marketing campaigns, create landing sites, and monitor useful KPIs.

The CRM is well suited for remote work and has exclusive project management and online task functionality. A good CRM software can help you organize your sales funnel so you can easily see where each potential customer is currently located and where they are going to reach. By determining who referred a particular lead to the organization, users can identify a potential source of leads.
The software can present insights in a visual dashboard that managers can use to track team performance and identify business opportunities. Bitrix24 has a wide range of useful features for managing manufacturing processes. Above all it has tools like Scrum. Scrum is a framework for agile project management. It is a convenient method of organizing the work process with tasks that helps to break up a large project and execute it in smaller steps.


Hubspot CRM connects data, customers, and teams on a single platform and extracts valuable insights from prospects. Using the lead management feature, users can gain complete visibility into a lead’s journey and identify qualified leads using an automated scoring tool.
The software can represent analytical data as a visual dashboard that managers can use to track team performance and identify business opportunities. Hubspot CRM’s segmentation feature can divide customers according to their needs, characteristics, and expectations.
This CRM aims to help the user define marketing campaigns and automate daily tasks via email. This way, teams can target the key audience using automated and personalized emails.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM was designed to help businesses automate their workflows and make informed decisions. With its lead management features, teams can seize leads from landing pages hosted on different platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Unbounce, and other content management systems. Users can also find leads via Facebook or Twitter by embedding social media accounts into Zoho CRM.
Users can view concise reports, sales activities and conversion rates through the reporting and analytics feature. To better meet customer needs, teams can leverage the customer segmentation feature to categorize customers based on certain characteristics like region, industry, or requirements.
Zoho CRM’s Marketing Automation feature allows to create and allocate targeted marketing campaigns and capture visitor information within the CRM itself. Sales or marketers can also track referring leads in Zoho CRM and identify who recommended their services to a new client.


CRM software is a very practical tool for small and medium businesses, offering many advanced features to develop customer relationships. The range of solutions available is wide, from free to paid, including some highly integrated cloud solutions; find the one that matches your needs at most.


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