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What is Most Important on YouTube: Subscribers, Views, or Likes?

In today’s digital age, YouTube has emerged as one of the most influential platforms for content creators, influencers, and businesses alike.

With billions of active users and a vast library of videos, YouTube offers a lucrative space for individuals to showcase their talent, share knowledge, and engage with a global audience.

When it comes to measuring success on YouTube, three key metrics stand out: subscribers, views, and getting organic YouTube likes.

In this article, we will explore the importance of each metric and unravel their significance in determining the success and reach of a YouTube channel.

The Significance of Subscribers on YouTube

Subscribers are the lifeblood of any YouTube channel. They represent a loyal and dedicated audience who have chosen to receive updates and notifications about the channel’s latest content.

Subscribers demonstrate a genuine interest in the creator’s videos and are more likely to engage with the content, share it with others, and provide valuable feedback.

They form a community around the channel, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a loyal fan base.

Subscribers also play a crucial role in boosting a channel’s visibility, as YouTube’s algorithm takes subscriber count into account when recommending videos to users.

The Power of Views on YouTube

Views are a vital metric on YouTube, as they indicate the number of times a video has been watched. High view counts demonstrate popularity and can attract new viewers to a channel.

Views act as social proof, signalling to potential viewers that the content is worth their time and attention. Additionally, views contribute to a video’s overall ranking on YouTube’s search results and suggested videos.

The more views a video receives, the higher its chances of being recommended to a broader audience, leading to increased exposure and potential subscriber growth.

Understanding the Importance of Likes on YouTube

Likes serve as a direct measure of audience engagement and appreciation for a video. When viewers enjoy a video, they express their approval by hitting the “Like” button.

Likes not only provide feedback to content creators but also influence YouTube’s algorithm, which considers engagement metrics when determining a video’s visibility.

Videos with a high number of likes are more likely to appear in search results, suggested videos, and trending sections.

Likes are a clear indication of the quality and appeal of a video, and they contribute to its overall success on the platform.

The Interplay Between Subscribers, Views, and Likes

Subscribers, views, and likes are interconnected metrics that work in synergy to propel a YouTube channel’s growth. Subscribers provide the foundation for a loyal audience, while views and likes validate the content’s popularity and quality.

A large subscriber base increases the likelihood of higher views and likes, as subscribers are more likely to watch and engage with videos.

On the other hand, compelling content that attracts a significant number of YouTube views and likes can attract new subscribers, expanding the channel’s reach and potential audience.

YouTube’s Algorithm and Ranking Factors

YouTube’s algorithm plays a crucial role in determining the visibility and success of videos and channels. While the exact workings of the algorithm are complex and ever-evolving, several key factors influence its decision-making process.

These factors include the number of subscribers, total views, likes, comments, watch time, audience retention, and engagement metrics such as shares and playlist additions.

YouTube aims to deliver personalized content recommendations to users based on their interests and viewing habits.

Therefore, channels with higher subscriber counts, views, and engagement are more likely to receive favourable treatment from the algorithm.

Strategies to Increase Subscribers, Views, and Likes

To maximize the impact of subscribers, views, and likes on YouTube, content creators must employ effective strategies. Here are some actionable tips:

  • Consistent Upload Schedule: Regularly uploading high-quality content establishes reliability and keeps subscribers engaged.
  • Collaborations and Cross-Promotion: Collaborating with other YouTubers and promoting each other’s content can expand your reach and attract new subscribers.
  • Engaging Thumbnails and Titles: Eye-catching thumbnails and compelling titles entice users to click on your videos, increasing views and potential subscribers.
  • Keyword Optimization: Conducting keyword research and incorporating relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags can enhance discoverability and improve SEO.
  • Call-to-Action: Encourage viewers to subscribe, like, and share your videos by including clear calls-to-action within your content and video descriptions.

Engaging Content: The Ultimate Key to Success

Regardless of subscriber count, views, or likes, the most critical aspect of a successful YouTube channel is engaging content.

Content creators must focus on producing high-quality videos that captivate and resonate with their target audience. This involves:

  • Understanding the Audience: Conducting audience research and understanding their preferences, interests, and pain points helps create tailored content that resonates with viewers.
  • Storytelling and Narrative: Incorporating storytelling elements into your videos creates a compelling and immersive experience for viewers, keeping them engaged throughout.
  • Authenticity and Personality: Infusing your unique personality and perspective into your content builds a genuine connection with viewers, fostering loyalty and encouraging engagement.
  • Variety and Creativity: Experiment with different video formats, styles, and topics to keep your content fresh, diverse, and exciting for your audience.

The Value of Audience Engagement

Engaging with your audience is essential for building a thriving YouTube channel.

Responding to comments, asking for feedback, and initiating discussions in the comment section cultivates a sense of community and strengthens the bond between the creator and viewers.

Additionally, incorporating audience suggestions and ideas into your content shows that you value their input and encourages continued engagement and support.

Building a Strong YouTube Channel

Building a strong YouTube channel requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses various elements. Alongside focusing on subscribers, views, and likes, consider the following:

  • Channel Branding: Create a visually appealing channel layout, logo, and banner that reflect your content’s theme and resonate with your target audience.
  • Video Optimization: Optimize your videos for search engines by including relevant keywords, writing detailed descriptions, adding tags, and creating accurate timestamps.
  • Cross-Promotion: Leverage other social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel, reaching a wider audience and attracting potential subscribers.
  • Consistent Quality: Maintain high production standards and ensure your videos are well-edited, visually appealing, and deliver value to your viewers.

The Role of Subscribers, Views, and Likes in Monetization

For many content creators, monetization is a significant goal on YouTube. Subscribers, views, and likes play a pivotal role in monetizing a YouTube channel.

To be eligible for monetization through the YouTube Partner Program, channels must meet specific requirements, including having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.

The more subscribers, views, and likes a channel has, the higher its chances of meeting these requirements and generating revenue through ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other monetization avenues.

Subscribers, views, and likes also serve as social proof when seeking brand collaborations or sponsorships, as companies often look for channels with a dedicated audience and a track record of engagement.


When it comes to success on YouTube, the interplay between subscribers, views, and likes is crucial. Subscribers represent a loyal community, views demonstrate popularity and reach and likes signify audience engagement and appreciation.

While each metric holds its significance, it is the combination of all three that contributes to a thriving YouTube channel.

By creating engaging content, employing effective strategies to increase subscribers, views, and likes, and nurturing audience engagement, content creators can unlock the full potential of YouTube and achieve their goals.

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