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You Can Boost Your Instagram Profile with These 10 Tips

Instagram is one of the most used apps in the world, along with Facebook and Whatsapp. And all of that success has led to Instagram improvements over the past few months. This app is, nowadays, much more than an option to edit images and share them with friends.

Instagram has become an excellent marketing and social outreach tool. So that you know all the tricks and tips for Instagram we created a post where we are planning to explore some of the most secret features of Instagram.

I’m sure you don’t know some of these tips. If you know of any more not disclosed in this article, leave a comment at the end of the post. We will add your tips as soon as possible.

1. Use Scalehot for automatic interactions

Auto interactions are one of the most effective ways to increase your chances of getting new Instagram followers. Scalehot allows you to configure filters based on hashtags, locations and competitor profiles to find your audience and interact with them. This gives you the chance to reach your target audience.

Scalehot automatically posts, likes, and views Stories using these filters. In addition, it is also possible to schedule posts and see reports of your profile growth. All this using artificial intelligence technology to find the most suitable profiles.

To start taking advantage of this, register through the link right now and enjoy Scalehot’s 7-day FREE trial right now! You can gain free instagram followers for the automatic interactions.

2. Schedule posts and stories with Bume

Bume makes it possible to schedule posts on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Google My Business. Ideal for managing your posts and tracking Instagram and other social media

In addition, it offers the possibility to view people’s stories automatically. Bume also offers automatic messaging for followers. It is possible to configure several response models, which take turns as these profiles contact you.

Note : Bume can be tried for FREE for 5 days. All its features are available during the trial period, just click on the link to start your test!

3. Use to have more than one link in your Instagram bio

Being able to place more links to pages on your website is a desire that many influencers and brands with a presence on Instagram have. fills this void.

With the tool, you can create a special linkable page on your Instagram profile. This will direct your followers to different links on your website, such as sales pages or special promotions.

Want to know more about So click on the link and check it out now!

4. Grow your followers with Grow Social

One of the biggest tricks and tips for Instagram isn’t on the social network itself, but on a browser app. Grow Social automates the process of searching for the most relevant profiles according to your chosen area, following them and liking their publications according to your preferences.

The app is used directly from the computer and even presents reports with interactions obtained.

Note: If you want, you can try Grow Social for 3 days for FREE. Click here to get started !

5. Create your virtual store on Instagram

Recently, Instagram released a feature called Shopping, which allows you to sell products from your virtual store through posts in the feed or Stories. However, the user still needs to leave Instagram to complete this purchase. This can cause a strange effect, especially if your ecommerce design is very different from Insta’s.

Bagy is a tool that solves this, allowing you to build a website with a layout similar to Instagram, making instagram highlights ideas for those who use the social network as their main source of sales. That way, your followers won’t notice much difference from your profile. This will make them trust you more when it comes to making a purchase, so this is one of the most effective tricks and tips for Instagram.

It is also possible to import photos of your products published in the feed or view instagram Stories and set up a showcase in the application. Learn more about Bagy by clicking on the link.

6. Make sweepstakes on social networks

It’s true that Instagram doesn’t offer a native sweepstakes feature. Therefore, we recommend using the Instagram giveaway tool! With it, you can use comments on a specific post to determine the winner.

In addition, it is possible to configure filters such as keywords, number of followers drawn, among others. Conducting sweepstakes is an excellent way to attract more people to your profile. And the most impressive part, the app is completely free. Access it now through the link!

7. Send photos privately

A few months ago, Instagram added the possibility to send photos only to pre-selected friends, and you can do it to 15 friends. Once shared with them, their friends can comment and like your image, just like in the Instagram Feed.

Doing so is actually quite simple. Edit the photo as usual and then instead of selecting the “Followers” ​​option, choose the “Direct” option, as shown in the image below:

Choose the friends you want to share this image with. Remember that you can choose 15 friends. After sharing, go to the top right corner of your Instagram account as shown below.

You should now see an image similar to the one shown below.

Click on the image and check if it has been shared with the correct friends!

Image shared by someone on Instagram

If you see an image similar to the one above, with your profile highlighted and your friends “clear”, it is because you have done everything correctly.

8. Ignore Instagram messages

Direct messages are interesting, however, they can often be used in an uncomfortable way. If that friend always shares content with you privately, Instagram gives you the option to remove that option from that specific friend. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the image. Afterwards, something similar to what you see below will appear.

Choose the option “Ignore posts from this user” and from now on he will not be able to send you direct messages anymore. One of the best Instagram tricks is to block annoying people.

9. Remove tags from images

Friends often tag us in photos that are, shall we say, less convenient? If this happens to you often, this tip will be extremely helpful! Instagram allows you to remove tags from images! Just press for a few seconds on the image and then select the option “Remove my profile from the image”.

If you want, you can keep the tag and tell Instagram this image does not appear on your social network profile.

10. Use filters without posting to Instagram

The filters are excellent and they also have some tricks and tips for Instagram! However, they have one major disadvantage: they can only be used without posting the image. That was impossible…until you read this text!

To use the filters without posting the image on Instagram, just leave your iOS or Android in Flight mode and then use the filters and try to post the photo. At the end, an error image will appear, but don’t worry, this is by design!

When Instagram uses filters but cannot publish your image, it is automatically saved in your mobile phone’s photo folder. Now, you can have an image with filters without posting it on Instagram!

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