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Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands in USA

Sustainable fashion is all the rage these days. It’s becoming quite a buzz, and for the right reasons. With the awareness of the problem that big-name corporations we often buy from are damaging our planet and not taking care of their workers, you may be left wondering where to shop. Look no further. There are several incredible fashion brands in the US that create with caution. They are caring about the environment and ethical production. 


AMUR is a fashion brand created in New York City. It was born from the concept that stylish style does not have to come at the expense of our environment. Design can balance beauty and well-intentioned intentions. “It’s an approach woven into our very name: A Mindful Use of Resources.” The brand uses eco-friendly textiles like GOTS-certified organic cotton and silk, Cupro (a yarn made from a part of the cotton plant usually wasted in production) and regenerated fibres. They also seek out mills and artisans that employ sustainable techniques. You’ll find luxurious fashion in bright colours and fun florals online. From dresses and jumpsuits to crop tops and more, you’ll want to wear it all! If you vist Amur you Contact New York Limo Service in New York City.

The “cool girl” brand is making a name for itself. Also created in New York City, this contemporary evening wear collection collaborates with artisans around the world. This includes small artisans in India to create the hand-beaded floral designs. They’ve taken a step towards sustainability as they partnered with NEST, a non-profit that connects artisans and designers worldwide. Their designs are exactly what you picture when thinking of high fashion. This is the destination for your next special event.

Gabriela Hearst

Designer Gabriela Hearst’s commitment is to make a strong and modern collection without compromising her ethics and key values. She takes into consideration where materials come from and who makes them: luxury with a conscience or in other words, “honest luxury”. The wool in the collection is taken from her own family ranch in Uruguay, meaning she can follow the wool from the animal, right to the garment. Also, this brand will become the first to have all plastic packaging replaced with TIPA packaging, which degrades and composts within 180 days. Take a look at the designs for yourself. You will see it’s the face of luxury.


DÔEN was created by creative women in Los Angeles, California. The line is inspired by vintage designs and their “nostalgia for past decades.” The brand commits to domestic production and the garments are stitched overseas. Manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure fair wages and working conditions. The majority of the pieces are handcrafted with natural fabrics. Fun fact, each year DÔEN designs a children’s collection and one hundred percent of the proceeds go to “Room to Read.” Don’t hesitate and shop for this dreamy collection! Los Angeles Limo Service Provide Luxury Transportation Service in Los Angeles and other  near by sites.


A brand based in New York, TOME is a clean cut and essential apparel line that promotes itself as “#EVERYWOMAN inspired by Art #made by women.” Each piece is ethically produced, with a view to inclusivity and diversity. Sustainability is key at Tome and they demonstrate this by using natural dyes formulated with temple flowers found throughout India. In addition, they incorporate organic hemp, cotton, and linen into their collection. Another neat detail is that the tassels featured on several clothing pieces were made by refugee women who resettled in Texas.

Irwin Garden

Irwin Garden is very passionate about standing behind every step of their clothing manufacturing process. They are proud to be made locally and by manufacturing right in the garment district of New York City, they can oversee the cutting and sewing of the collection, as well as continue to support the skilled workers and businesses in the garment district. Irwin Garden’s collections are designed to celebrate femininity and a return to timeless pieces. The pieces are classic, yet fun and trendy.

Danielle Fichera

Danielle Fichera is the ultimate resort capsule, made for the modern voyager. “The line infuses wanderlust with easy sophistication, in elevated destination wear that can be worn anywhere.” The engrossing clothing is made of the highest quality fabrics and finishes along with sustainable, small-batch production. Every item of the brand is produced locally in New York’s garment industry. The brand is committed to reducing unnecessary waste by utilizing favorite materials and patterns on repeat. You will fall in love with these patterns and want to pack them all for your next trip! 

Eleven Six

Let me introduce you to Eleven Six, an effortless, yet elevated approach to knit dressing. The brand came about after Catherine and Nick, the couple behind the label, took to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. The trip inspired them so much that they decided to leave their corporate careers. Eleven Six is known for their everyday, modern separates, created from the finest spun Alpaca yarns and sustainably produced by artisan-women. The brand is one-of-a-kind! You’ll love it!

Misha NoNoo

“We aim to help build that future by pioneering on-demand manufacturing practices, maintaining a commitment to sustainability and female empowerment, and investing in the power of community and personal connection.” Misha NoNoo is your go-to-work attire that you’ll still want to wear after working hours. The collection revolves around a core group of versatile pieces called “The Easy 8.” The brand commits to waste reduction and longevity. In addition, the company includes recycling programs for its paper, plastic, and fabric waste.


Cienne is a ready-to-wear collection for women who value interesting and necessary pieces. Each new collection builds upon a foundation of refined shapes, considered details, and artisanal materials designed to maintain relevance over time. The brand focuses on three main things: Empowering People, Producing Responsibly, and Elevating & Preserving Craftsmanship. The brand came about in 2014, but really took off in 2018. Cienne will without a doubt elevate your style.

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