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Top AI Design Tools You Must Know About

Graphic design plays a huge role in improving the overall look and feel of your website. A good design helps your business stand out from the crowd and engage more users, which can ultimately increase conversions if that’s your thing. Many businesses use graphic design to communicate with their readers. However, learning how to design relevant and engaging graphics while staying within budget can be challenging.

Luckily, artificial intelligence has made it easier for anyone with internet access to design whatever they like with ease. In addition to increasing your productivity, AI graphic design tools let you improve usability, establish brand identity, and convey information in an engaging way. We’ve included some of the best design tools that utilize AI to upgrade your graphic design.

Before you do that, take a moment to upgrade your internet service. A good internet connection ensures you stay the most productive without wasting any time troubleshooting internet problems. Consider using Quantum Fiber because of its multiple speed options with no data caps or contracts. Coming back to the topic, here are some of the best AI design tools you should consider. Read on to know more.

1. is a wonderful all-rounder AI tool for businesses and individuals looking to increase their productivity. The tool offers an extensive graphic design interface capable of creating high-resolution (up to 2K) images that are completely free to use. Users don’t have to worry about infringing on anyone’s copyrights, as all commercial copyrights are owned by the user.

Additionally, there is a comprehensive writing tool that allows you to write thousands of words without spending a lot of time on it. From content briefs to full-bodied content, does all of that itself. The pricing for graphic designing starts at $24 per month per user, and you can also request a custom plan that suits your requirements. There’s a 5-day free trial so you can get to know the tool better and make an informed decision.


Catering to all of your design needs, is a one-stop shop to create logos, graphics, videos, mockups, speeches, and more. You can rather choose from a vast library of templates that contains thousands of pre-made templates or build a custom template yourself. The price starts at $29 a month for the basic version and goes up to $69 for the pro version. You can also request a custom pricing plan according to your needs.

Some of the notable features include a brand identity package, color matcher, font pairer, scalable vector graphics, easy team collaboration, unlimited downloads, and more. Another good thing about this tool is that it’s completely online and requires no software installation.

3.   Adobe Sensei

Geared toward professional designers, Adobe Sensei is a powerful tool with advanced features to enhance creative assets and speed up business operations. With Adobe Sensei, you can create graphics that can automatically adjust to different screen sizes and aspect ratios. Then, there’s the performance forecasting feature, that takes into account your existing content and comes up with a performance forecast.

Keep in mind that this tool is not a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, and you to request a quote from Adobe if you want to use it. Some notable features include automated form conversions, content and performance forecasting based on machine learning, workflow automation, easy third-party integrations, and more.

4.   Uizard

Advocating design democratization, Uizard is your AI design tool that makes designing accessible to everyone including beginners. From ideation to prototyping and full-blown content production, Uizard has features that help you every step of the way. The company started as a machine learning research project and branched out into graphic designing with Uizard. The tool has over 400,000 users and is widely regarded as an essential tool for graphic design.

Besides making images, you can use it to design websites, mobile applications, user interfaces, and more. Oh, and there’s a design assistant to help speed up your content production and guide you. And the best thing about this is the free basic plan albeit with limited features.

5.   Let’s Enhance

If you’re tired of watching the quality of your images lose quality as soon as you upload them, worry no more. Let’s Enhance works exactly as the name suggests. You can use it to upscale any image up to 16 times without compromising the quality. Cleanse your image, resize it, adjust tones, alter the aspect ratio, and more with Let’s Enhance. The benefit of AI algorithms is that you can use the tool to create 20 images simultaneously.

The AI features like automatic face detection and preset suggestion work like a charm. Other notable features include batch-processing, color and tone enhancement, smart enhance algorithm, and more. Moreover, it has a free basic plan where you get 10 free credits to test out the tool.


You can start using these tools today to elevate your graphic design and reach your business objectives faster. From single images to full-scale marketing campaigns, each tool presents an excellent value proposition. Try these out yourself to see which of these suits your needs the most.


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