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What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is no stranger to severe weather, and storms can often leave behind a trail of damage, including roofing issues. When a storm damages your roof, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent further harm and ensure the safety and integrity of your home. In this article, we will guide you through the steps after a storm damages your roof in Oklahoma City, including finding reliable roofing repair contractors. Look no further than OKC Roofers for top-notch roofing repair contractors in OKC.

1. Assess the Damage:

After a storm, it’s essential to assess the damage to your roof before proceeding with any repairs. Exercise caution and ensure your safety while inspecting the roof. Look for signs of missing or damaged shingles, leaks, dents, or cracks. Additionally, check for water stains or sagging in the ceiling of your home, as these can indicate roof damage that may not be immediately visible.

2. Document the Damage:

To expedite the insurance claims process, document the damage thoroughly. Take clear photographs or videos of the affected areas, both from the ground and from a ladder if it is safe. These visual records will serve as evidence for your insurance claim and aid roofing contractors in accurately assessing the damage’s extent.

3. Temporary Repairs:

To prevent further damage, it’s essential to undertake temporary repairs immediately after a storm. Cover any exposed areas with tarps or plastic sheeting to prevent water intrusion until professional repairs can be conducted. Remember, however, that temporary fixes are not a permanent solution and should only serve as a temporary stopgap measure.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company:

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage and initiate the claims process. Provide them with the necessary documentation, including photographs, videos, and a detailed description. Ask about any specific procedures or requirements they have for filing a claim, and ensure you follow their instructions carefully.

5. Research Reputable Roofing Repair Contractors:

Finding a reputable roofing repairs contractors is crucial to restoring your roof’s integrity effectively. Do thorough research to identify roofing contractors in OKC with a solid reputation and extensive experience in storm damage repairs. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have previously worked with roofing contractors in the area.

6. Verify Credentials and Insurance:

Before hiring any roofing repair contractor, verify their credentials and insurance coverage. Ensure they hold the necessary licenses and certifications to operate in Oklahoma City. Additionally, confirm that they have adequate liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage to protect you from any potential liability in case of accidents or damages during the repairs.

7. Obtain Multiple Quotes:

It is advisable to obtain multiple quotes from different roofing companies in okc. It will help you compare their prices, services, and estimated timelines. Be wary of significantly low-priced quotes, which may indicate subpar materials or workmanship. Opt for a contractor offering a fair price, quality materials, and a clear work breakdown.

8. Review Contracts and Warranties:

Before signing any contracts, carefully review the terms and conditions, including warranties provided by the roofing repair contractor. Ensure that all verbal agreements are documented in writing. Pay attention to details such as the scope of work, payment terms, project timeline, and materials used. A reputable contractor will be transparent and provide a written contract that protects both parties.

9. Schedule the Repairs:

Once you have selected a reliable roofing repair contractor, schedule the repairs as soon as possible. Prompt action is crucial to prevent further damage and minimize the risk of secondary issues such as mold or structural problems. Coordinate with the contractor to determine a suitable timeframe for the repairs to commence.

10. Stay in Communication:

Maintain open communication with your roofing repair contractor throughout the process. Address any concerns or questions you may have promptly. A reputable contractor will keep you informed about the progress of the repairs, unexpected challenges, or any necessary adjustments to the initial plan.


Dealing with roof damage after a storm can be overwhelming, but by following these steps, you can navigate the process effectively. Remember to assess the damage, document it thoroughly, contact your insurance company, and research reputable roofing repair contractors in OKC. For the best roofing repair contractors in OKC, consider OKC Roofers. By taking prompt action and enlisting the help of professionals, you can restore your roof’s integrity and protect your home from further harm.

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