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OLAPLEX Lawsuit: Exploring Claims of Hair Damage

OLAPLEX lawsuit is a tangled mess, folks.

This high-profile case has everyone talking about hair care products and their potential dangers.

The OLAPLEX lawsuit revolves around claims of hair damage from the company’s products – something that no one saw coming.

I mean, who would’ve thought your favorite conditioner could lead to such turmoil?

OLAPLEX Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Hair Damage

Beauty and hair brand, OLAPLEX, is in hot water.

A lawsuit claims OLAPLEX hair care products have caused “serious injury”.

The allegations include hair loss, breakage, brittle strands, bald spots, and scalp irritation.

Details of the Lawsuit Against OLAPLEX

Nearly 30 women are suing this renowned hair care brand.

The plaintiffs are suing OLAPLEX for allegedly causing significant harm to their tresses with its range of bottled treatments.

Lawsuit alleges multiple OLAPLEX hair products contained lilial – a banned substance in Europe due to safety concerns.

This allegation has added fuel to the fire for those already dissatisfied with their experience using these pricey potions that promise luscious locks but allegedly deliver damage instead.

Response from OLAPLEX to the Claims

In response to these baseless accusations, OLAPLEX denied any wrongdoing.

The company claims that independent test results will exonerate them.

“Our formulas are safe and effective,” says an official statement released by the beauty brand.

Certainly, this controversy raises questions about product transparency within the industry as well as consumer trustworthiness towards brands they’ve come to rely on for maintaining a healthy mane. So what’s next? Let’s delve deeper into which specific items were targeted in this legal action.

Products Under Scrutiny in the Lawsuit

The lawsuit claim OLAPLEX products, specifically its No. 0 to No.9 range of bottled hair treatments, have caused serious damage.

Nearly 30 women are suing hair care brand OLAPLEX over these items that cost between $30 and $90 each.

Description of Affected Products

This line includes shampoos, conditioners, bonding oils, and smoothers – all designed for home use after the brand started offering home-care formulas.

All these products promise improved health and appearance for your locks but instead, users allege they experienced adverse effects such as severe breakage or even loss of their strands.

Impact on Users Post Usage of OLAPLEX Products

The lawsuit claims that multiple OLAPLEX products contained Lilial, a substance known to cause allergic reactions and hair damage. However, OLAPLEX removed Lilial from its products in January 2022.

This has led the plaintiffs alleging products caused hair loss among other serious damages over $75,000 such as split ends and broken strands.

But it’s alleged presence in these products have left users with unkempt looking hair.

Types Of Damages Reported By Users

  • Hair Loss: Some customers claim their once luscious locks now resemble an open sore from severe breakage and shedding post usage of these treatments.
  • Allergic Reactions: Several others report suffering from seborrheic dermatitis – a skin condition causing scaly patches, redness, and dandruff on the scalp. This can also lead to further complications like itching or even more seriously – temporary bald spots if not treated promptly.

Changes In Hair Texture After Using The Product

Beyond just physical harm, OLAPLEX denied allegations about changes in natural texture leading it from wavy/curly to frizzy or straight-ish post usage of its No 0-9 range.

This could be another potential risk for those considering using this brand’s offerings without proper guidance.

Company’s Defense Amidst Accusations

OLAPLEX, the popular hair care brand known for its innovative products, is currently facing a wave of baseless accusations.

In response to these allegations that their products cause serious harm such as hair loss and breakage, OLAPLEX has stood firm in its defense.

Independent Test Results Released By The Company

The company claims it has publicly released test results that clearly demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of its range. These tests are conducted by independent laboratories following strict protocols.

Other Possible Causes For Hair Loss And Breakage

Beyond this robust evidence provided by OLAPLEX states, they have also highlighted other potential causes for hair damage unrelated to product use.

  • Lifestyle choices: Unhealthy diet or stress can often lead to poor scalp health resulting in thinning or brittle strands.
  • Certain medical conditions like seborrheic dermatitis could result in similar symptoms being mistaken as effects from using multiple OLAPLEX products containing lilial.
  • Prolonged medication usage might affect overall body metabolism including your natural growth cycle leading to excessive shedding or weakening follicles. Medicines used during Covid treatment were specifically mentioned given recent times.

OLAPLEX fights back against baseless acay contribute to hair damage. #OLAPLEXLawsuit #HairCareDefcusations. Independent test results prove their products are safe & effective. Other factors like lifestyle choices and medical conditions mense

FAQs in Relation to OLAPLEX Lawsuit

Is there a class action lawsuit against OLAPLEX?

Yes, OLAPLEX is facing a class-action lawsuit, the lawsuit claims OLAPLEX products caused hair damage, open sores and scalp irritation.

What is the controversy with OLAPLEX?

The controversy involves allegations that certain ingredients in OLAPLEX’s products cause hair loss, breakage and other adverse effects. The company denies these claims.

What are the rumors about OLAPLEX?

Rumors suggest that some of the ingredients used by OLAPLEX may be allergenic or banned in Europe due to safety concerns. These rumors have fueled dissatisfaction among users.

Why did people stop using OLAPLEX?

Some people stopped using OLAPLEX after experiencing adverse effects such as hair loss, breakage, changes in texture and scalp irritation.


The OLAPLEX lawsuit has certainly stirred up a storm in the beauty industry.

Claims of hair damage, from breakage to bald spots, have left customers questioning their choice of products.

Yet amidst this whirlwind, OLAPLEX stands firm in its defense – citing independent tests and other potential causes for these adverse effects.

A tangled web indeed!

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