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4 ways to check the website legitimacy with Placetochat

Entertainment and communication are essential foundations for a happy and satisfied life. It’s an excellent way to get past boredom and loneliness. Communication with friends and inspirational content brightens up any day.

Placetochat is a website where you get an opportunity to meet and create connections with lots of people around the globe. It’s the place for you if you seek connections in your life with a dose of entertainment and fun. The Livestream feature of Placetochat helps to stay inspired and meet people who have similar passions.

How about some security?

With the advancements in the internet and technology, digitization has found possible solutions for every problem, which has given way to thousands of websites and millions of users online. Therefore, it is essential to learn the life skills of resilience and security.

Unfortunately, with such a large number of people online it is essential to check the reviews of the website and learn other people’s experience with a product or service. Online safety is paramount. Hence, while logging in to the new site for the first time, make it a routine to follow online safety rules using the following steps.

Let’s employ these 4 steps with an example of Placetochat to check whether the site is legit:

1) Secure connection

First, we will check for https://,where ‘s’ in https stands for a secure connection. Hence has a secure connection.

2) Domain name

Check the domain name if it is a fake copy of the original brand name written in such a way to dupe users. For example, to gain the user’s trust, con artists may use or The, or any other seemingly alike names. So you should always check that the domain name is unique like

3) Say NO to big fake promises

Stay away from big fake promises. Unfortunately, the websites offer extensive guarantees that seem too good to be true. For example, if some website promises that you will definitely, for sure, 100% guarantee, etc. “lose weight’, “find the love of your life”, “win the prize” and so on – there is a great chance that this is either an exaggeration, or a con.

The, as the name suggests, provides a place to chat with different people – no more, no less.

4) Check reviews

Check the reviews and what other users are saying about the website. Let’s see what they are saying about

On, there are 2000+ reviews about Placetochat most of which are marked as “verified experience” or “verified purchase”, suggesting that these are the real users of the product who left such reviews. As of the time this article is written, Placetochat has got a 4.38-star consumer rating, which signifies the users’ overall positive experience.

Still, there are other review sites you may want to attend to for gaining knowledge about the websites and their users’ experience. Reading positive and negative reviews about the website helps users make up their minds about its credibility.

Should you check every site?

While logging in to the new website and putting across your financial details, it becomes imperative to check the website’s legitimacy to stay away from scam sites. According to the steps suggested above, seems to be secure, unique, and true to its name, which provides the user with the value that’s promised. It is thus essential to check other websites, especially the ones about which you’re a little sceptical, in a similar way.

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