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An In-Depth Guide to Obtaining and Utilizing Elden Ring’s Cursed Weapon

Elden Ring, an expansive open-world RPG, offers a plethora of legendary gears, armor, and artifacts for players to discover and employ.

Obtaining and Utilizing Elden Ring’s Cursed Weapon

Among these coveted treasures lies the Blasphemous Blade, a cursed sword with the power to inflict bleeding damage on enemies while granting its wielder an innate healing ability. However, acquiring and effectively wielding this weapon is no simple feat, requiring adventurers to embark on a perilous journey filled with bloodshed and sacrificial offerings. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the exact steps necessary to obtain and harness the infamous Blasphemous Blade within the world of Elden Ring.

To begin, you must first locate the Cathedral of the Deep, an imposing structure situated near the Stormveil Plateau. Whether progressing through the main storyline or charting your own path, you will eventually stumble upon this enigmatic location. Within the cathedral dwells a bloodthirsty cult, engrossed in rituals involving dark magic and human sacrifice. Overcoming their obstacles, such as intricate puzzles and formidable monsters, is essential to accessing the secrets that lie within.

Once inside the cathedral, your focus should shift toward discovering a hidden passage concealed behind a bookshelf on the left side of the main hall. Beyond this covert pathway awaits a secret chamber housing a blood altar alongside a locked door. Unlocking this door necessitates utilizing the blood altar, a mechanism that allows you to exchange one of your cheap Elden Ring runes for the key needed to open it. Runes, unique artifacts that bestow passive boosts or special abilities upon your character, can be found throughout the world or obtained through various quests. Examples of these runes include:

Rune of Vigor: Increases maximum health by 10%.

Rune of Fury: Boosts attack power by 10%.

Rune of Grace: Enhances movement speed by 10%.

Rune of Insight: Accelerates item discovery by 10%.

It is crucial to consider your decision carefully as sacrificing a rune permanently eliminates its effect. You can sacrifice only one rune at a time, and once sacrificed, the choice is irreversible. To unlock the door, you must offer a rune that matches its corresponding color. For instance, if the door is red, you will need to sacrifice a rune bearing a red emblem.

Once the sacrifice is made, the door swings open, revealing a dark passage guarded by numerous adversaries. Engage in combat with these blood-magic-wielding undead and cultists armed with various weapons to forge ahead. While they possess resistance to bleeding and dark energy damage, they are vulnerable to fire and holy attacks. Beware of opponents who employ blood spells to heal themselves or their allies, as they can be particularly formidable.

Deep within this treacherous passage lies a coveted chest holding the Blasphemous Blade, a fearsome greatsword renowned for its devastating power and considerable reach. Wielding this weapon demands significant stamina and carries considerable weight. Notably, the Blasphemous Blade features a unique attribute known as Bloodlust. Activating this ability allows you to heal 10% of your health with each successful hit on an enemy. However, a trade-off accompanies this power as the wielder loses 5% of their health every second the blade is held. Toggling Bloodlust on or off is as simple as pressing the corresponding weapon skill button. Visually striking, the Blasphemous Blade emanates a dark aura with vivid red veins coursing through it, exuding a macabre beauty as blood spills from its swings.

To master the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring Build Guide, a careful balance must be struck between its advantages and drawbacks. Utilize Bloodlust judiciously, reserving its activation for moments when you can consistently deal damage while avoiding harm. Equip items and runes that enhance health regeneration, bleeding resistance, or stamina recovery to mitigate the adverse effects of Bloodlust. Examples of such items and runes include:

Blood Vial: A consumable item that restores 20% of your health over ten seconds.

Rune of Resilience: Halves the amount of bleeding damage inflicted.

Rune of Endurance: Accelerates stamina regeneration by 20%.

The Blasphemous Blade stands as a formidable weapon capable of overcoming a myriad of challenges within the world of Elden Ring. However, its acquisition comes at a significant cost. Consider whether the benefits of this weapon outweigh the sacrifice of a rune and the potential risks to your health. If a weapon that grants both healing and bleeding damage aligns with your desires, the Blasphemous Blade is an option worth exploring.

In summary, the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring presents an arduous yet rewarding journey for adventurers. Ascend the ranks of the Cathedral of the Deep, unravel its mysteries, and claim this mighty sword as your own. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and the Blasphemous Blade demands careful consideration to maximize its potential while minimizing the inherent risks. Discover the twisted allure of this cursed weapon and conquer the world of Elden Ring with its formidable might.

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