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Letter To State Officials: Justice Department Reinforces Servicemembers’ Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 27, 2023 – The Justice Department declared on July 14 that it has conveyed a letter to state licensing bodies outlining the latest federal safeguards concerning employment for military families. This letter briefs the authorities about the recent amendment to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act by Congress. This amendment enables servicemembers and their spouses to utilize their professional licenses in new regions if they relocate due to military obligations and meet specific requirements.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland stated, “Our guidance reflects our commitment to honoring our nation’s servicemembers and their families not merely through words, but also through actions.” He underscored the aim to eliminate needless employment barriers faced by these families, highlighting the need for effective SCRA verification.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke highlighted the sacrifices made by servicemembers and their families, including frequent relocations and employment challenges. “The resources we’re deploying should help many military professionals and spouses navigate these burdens more effectively,” Clarke said.

In January 2023, the SCRA — a law that safeguards servicemembers and their families in financial and housing matters — was expanded by Congress. The new provision facilitates easier verification and professional license recognition for servicemembers and spouses relocating due to military orders. This provision validates their out-of-state licenses in the new state, provided they meet certain conditions.

The letter details how the SCRA’s license portability provision eases administrative hurdles for military families during interstate moves. It further explains the verification requirements to have their license recognized under this law. The department also released a fact sheet about the SCRA’s license portability provision, supplementing the letter.

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