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A comprehensive guide to golf gloves

To those who don’t spend hours dreaming about birdies (non-golfing bird-watchers inclusive), the concept of a singular skintight glove that gets worn on some pieces of grass, but not on others might seem peculiar.

This strange phenomenon has been documented as far back as 1898 however, becoming more commonplace in the 1920’s and 30’s, before gloveless players became an exception to the rule from around 1960.

Hanging limply from butt-cheek pockets around the globe, it must be acknowledged how far the humble golf love has come, and today, the best golf glove is an integral part of (just about) every golfers apparel.

Golf gloves, warn on the top hand as you grip the club not only help prevent blisters, but they ensure your clubface faces remains square to the target throughout your swing. The latter becoming increasingly challenging in humid and/or wet conditions.

In this short guide we highlight some of the handiest models to delight your digits from all the major players in the glove compartment.

Best leather golf glove: Titleist Players – $24 / £20 RRP

Probably one of the most worn gloves in golf, this is the glove the Titleist pros wear and has always been a hugely popular choice among discerning golfers. The main reason is that Cabretta leather is engineered to the thinnest specification offering the best feel and precise fit. This is complemented by breathable perforations and clever seam placement.

Best all-weather golf glove: FootJoy WeatherSof – $34 / £35 RRP (2-pack)

The WeatherSof has helped more than 90 million golfers around the globe play their best golf in all conditions. The glove’s classic design partnered with FootJoy’s Fibresof palm makes for a comfortable and consistent fit. With a soft feel, high levels of durability, and grip it is no wonder this is the world’s most popular golf glove.

Best golf glove for grip: Cobra PUR – $14 / £20 RRP

The Cobra PUR Tour is the glove used by Cobra’s staff tour players and offers exceptional fit and feel. It’s a full Cabretta leather construction with perforations for breathability, while the tailored cuff provides a great, secure fit.

Best tour quality golf glove: TaylorMade Tour Preferred – $25 / £18 RRP

As you might expect from TaylorMade, an excellent option and definitely one to consider for those who like their gloves hyper-thin. The company’s patented AAA Cabretta TM Soft Tech leather glides onto your hand. Comfort-wise it is hard to imagine there is anything better.

Best premium golf glove: FootJoy StaSof – $24 / £23 RRP

The StaSof comes with tour-proven performance from a wealth of stars on the world stage using it for its long-lasting performance in all conditions. The StaSof is aimed to maintain its softness for longer with the durable performance leather from Pittards of England. The PowerNet mesh and finger perforations improve the glove’s breathability, flexibility, and comfort.

Best ladies golf glove: Titleist Perma-Soft – $20 / £18 RRP

A hugely popular make and model and with good reason. This Titleist glove ticks all the boxes. It incorporates Titleist’s patented CoolMax panel, which also is ideally placed to help with the fit as well as the breathability.

Best rain golf glove: TaylorMade RainControl Gloves – $33 / £26 RRP

It’s hard to make rain gloves look good, but yet again TaylorMade have designed one of the more stylish pairs of rain gloves you can buy. Their Element Tech microfibre material allows for a 40% stronger hold than most traditional rain gloves on the market. Basically, the wetter they get the more they grip. The gloves have all the performance you need to go and play 18 holes on the worst of days and ensure you’ll remain confident of being in control of your club.

How to choose a golf glove

With your hands the only part of the body remaining in contact with the club throughout your swing, they play a hugely important part in keeping the clubface on the correct line and aligned with the intended target. There’s not a huge amount to bear in mind when purchasing a golf glove, but here are the key considerations:

Which hand – If you’re a newcomer to the game, golf gloves are worn on the lead hand i.e., the left hand for a right-handed golfer.

Size – Studies have shown that 98% of golfers wear a glove that is too big for them. You shouldn’t be able to pinch any material on the palm or fingers. If you can cover all of the Velcro with the fastening tab, that’s another sign it’s too big. Don’t be alarmed if your brand-new glove feels a bit restrictive at first, it will loosen up within a few minutes or a few shots on the range.

Material – Gloves made from a synthetic material will generally last longer than those constructed from leather, however leather gloves provide a softer feel which is why they are preferred by most professionals. It’s important you find a balance between feel and durability that works for you, so make sure grip a club or two first just to make sure.

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