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Understanding Shyness And Getting Better with DeLaChat

This article is sponsored by DeLaChat

Do you think you are a shy person? Do you get shy once in a while? Have you tried to overcome shyness? Let’s help you out a bit.

Shyness affects how a person behaves around others, especially in social gatherings. Shy people are not quick to share their thoughts, especially in the midst of people they are unfamiliar with because they are overly conscious about making mistakes, seeming “stupid” or ignorant, or even getting noticed by others.

One thing that we have noticed is that shy people tend to be more vocal among close friends or family members. This is really obvious on DeLaChat as everyone on the platform is usually more open and converses naturally. Most times, quiet people are termed as being shy, but that’s not always the case. A person can be quiet and introverted, but not shy.

What Causes Shyness? Especially Among Adults 

Shyness is an issue some adults experience while interacting with others, it is common when approaching a large gathering but could also occur in one-on-one conversations.

Shyness can be caused by different things such as;

  • low self-esteem
  • Timidity
  • Self-consciousness
  • fear of rejection by other people

Shy people often also act withdrawn when they find themselves among outgoing and vibrant personalities.

However, these shouldn’t be allowed to linger. A popular quote from William James says, “Everybody should do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice.” and we love it!

Although shyness is mostly temperamental, you can improve. Below are some ways you can try to work it out, some are commonly used by Psychologists to help people deal with shyness.

Three Ways to Conquer Shyness

1.  Psychotherapy

This is also known as psychological or talking therapy. This practice involves one-on-one or group family sessions. The therapist can help their clients improve their social skills and self-awareness, and address shyness if the shyness is caused by irrational, limiting beliefs. Psychotherapy can help improve a person’s overall well-being, and afterward, you can find suitable people to open up to on DeLaChat.

2.  Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is also called abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. It doesn’t consume much time and can take place anywhere. Breathing exercises relax tense muscles and help overcome worries, anxiety, and sometimes even panic attacks. Deep breathing should be employed as a relaxation technique when you feel anxious or the shyness is taking over your actions.

3.  Emotional Intelligence

In today’s world, where you interact online with people from different backgrounds and experiences, you must be emotionally intelligent. Its necessity cannot be over-emphasized. Mastery of emotion can give you the ability to listen to people and their concerns without emotional blasts.

An emotionally intelligent person can feel, understand, communicate, intelligently respond, and handle emotions. Emotional intelligence is a must-have for individuals who desire growth in their relationships with people, including career, personal life, and friendships. Emotional intelligence is a success determinant in the modern world.

Although shyness is always associated with one’s temperament, it is not always the case. In reality, it also has to do with a lack of emotional intelligence and an inability to identify and show emotions in a healthy way. Studies have shown that a lack of emotional intelligence causes unreasonable shyness in people.

Emotional Intelligence Has Five Pillars Described by Daniel Goleman:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Internal motivation.
  4. Empathy
  5. Social skills.

Developing your emotional intelligence may go a long way to improving and facilitating your interaction with others. Apply some of these tactics for first-hand experience and practice to be a better communicator.

Your shyness won’t go away overnight, but a little effort goes a long way. If you make efforts to apply the little tips stated in this article, you are on your way to a great start.

Notice that this article is not professional advice and shouldn’t be used to treat any conditions.


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