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Petersign – Timeless Leather Jackets for Everyone!

Petersign is one of the emerging brands making its remarkable place in leather products. Our core brand values embed in providing leather jackets and goods that are intact with originality and authenticity, which makes the whole experience of availing our leather jackets worth giving the shot. Petersign started with the intention of creating leather jackets that bring forth the old, timeless charm and amalgamate it with the new trends of outerwear that are breaking the norms of fashion and have found an exceeding level of popularity. Our classic take on leather jackets brings out innovation for everyone who likes to take the fashion norms to another level altogether.

Unconventionally Conventional Choices for Everyone

Petersign is unconventionally conventional. From ideation to implementation, as a brand, our process is all about creating the best experience for our customers. While the crux of the whole endeavor is to curate leather jackets that are catering the needs of the many diverse customers that we are luckily getting to serve. As we are firm believers in providing an experience that resonates with individuality, originality and uniqueness of everyone on the surface and give our customers a sustainable experience – the process of transforming the products starts with an unparalleled amount of dedication right from the start.

The quality-driven jackets provide you with a workable experience that brings individuals the chance to make the most versatile and best-suited outfit outcomes possible that resonate with your personality. It does not matter whether you are a biker, a normal fashion connoisseur or a normal human being  – we have one thing or another to help you ascertain the choices that best suit your dreams and very nonconformist tastes.

Enormous Collection with Diverse Choices

The best part about shopping from us is that you get to make the choices distinguished  – pieces that are going to go with your preference. Our collection is huge, with multi-faceted options with biker gears, motorcycles, shearling jackets, vests, and so much more. We have assortments that best suit men and women. On the one hand, we have individualistic options for women that resonate with their very impressive styling needs with feminine features. While on the other hand, our collection does not leave out the factors of captivation and the brilliance that men would definitely like to flaunt.  All in all, there are characteristics that are useful for men and women concurrently.

Leather Jackets for Everyone – Customized Options

Since we are aware that even with plenty of options, there tend to be certain prospects and picks that might not suit your vibe and personality. So, in order to accommodate you in a personalized manner, our collection intends to make you adapt to the finest selections of customized options that cater to your various needs.

On the one hand, we have captured the essence of the OG styles that are standard and have sought the essence of the old, timeless relevance of the bygone era. While on the other hand, we have curated those styles that stay as the mainstream standard and go with your various other needs. So you can totally bring out the flair that you see around becoming mainstream and popular – whatever the case might be, there is a choice to make your various choices become seen and recognized. Because that is literally what our brand stands for – which is, serving you with unwavering ORIGINALITY.

With our most swoon-worthy designs, customization options, and so much more, you get to collect the most notorious styles made manifested for yourself with the original assortments of the jackets that are prevailing but uncommon, modish and every bit a fashion classic that you have been seeking for yourself to achieve. 

Classic, Vintage Pieces

Our brands’ collective aim is to drive out the necessary outcome with finely attuned classic styles. For instance, the biker collection of our jacket is enormous, with detail-centric pieces that are filled with tons of diverse choices for you; on the one hand, there is the classic piece with the Marlon Brando-inspired panache that gave the 90s fashion enthusiasts all the inspiration in the world to be beyond the basic, and aim for something which resonates with their caliber.

Trending New Styles

Then, there are the trending, new men’s leather shearling jacket assortments with amazing embellishments and details – overall creating a worthwhile experience for everyone who seeks conventional dressing; the quirky jazzy and elegant addition makes the overall experience brim with a distinguishable level of capacity and charisma. Furthermore, you can also avail the beautiful mens olive suede jacket. All in all,  there is plenty to look forward to.

Crafted with Dedication

Lastly, the best production practices just make it worth it! From the finest raw material acquisition to fair branding and labor practices, our brand ingrains the value in the systematic use of things to ensure 100% useability, yet 0 loss.

The main headquarters of Petersign are located in the USA, and the main address is 13410 1st Pl W13410 1st Pl W, Everett, WA 98208, USA.

You can explore our jackets online at our Petersign store and Amazon store with the easy navigational homepage!


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