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It takes action to stay current on IT developments, news, & most promising practices, especially if you’re busy managing a small business. However, staying informed about latest technologies in 2023 might provide you a competitive edge & hasten the development of your company. The secret is to rely on reliable sources that regularly provide the information you require.

We’ve produced a list of the top 15 technology blogs that every company leader and decision-maker should follow to help you stay up to date on the most recent advances in the world of IT.

1. Electric

Of course we’re biased, but Electric aims to provide readers with both technical and non-technical readers with coverage of everything IT-related. We have the best practices you ought to know when it arrives to tech trends, cybersecurity, slight assistance, and the employee IT experience, whether you’re a CEO, HR director, Ops team lead, or IT experienced. For even more insights, visit our webinars, white papers, and case studies. But we’re not the only source; included below are a few other top IT blogs that we adore and often read.

2. CIO Review

The CIO Review blog offers readers in-depth technology news and thoughts on a variety of subjects. You can find resources on blockchain, big data, cloud migration, data analytics, robots, and much more that are geared toward C-Level and senior management. Be sure to read their case studies on the top technological companies.

3. IT Brew

The newest information technology (IT) news and trend analysis are shared on IT Brew, with a focus on cybersecurity, big data, software development, remote work, cloud computing, and data privacy. Their daily newsletter is the ideal resource for all levels of IT knowledge and competence because it is presented in an easily understandable format and manner.

4. Sentinel Labs

Sentinel Labs is where you can get highly-informed deep dives into the most recent cybersecurity concerns and advances in the quickly changing world of infosec. To help make the internet a safer place for everyone, threat researchers and approved contributors contribute crucial information about malware, exploits, crimes, and APTs.

5. techblitz

Popular blog techblitz covers startups, enterprise apps, digital businesses, and new problems in IT. To stay current on market analysis, guidance on raising money, and SMB growth techniques, founders and growing teams should turn to techblitz+, a members-only network.

6. Wired

Popular technology blog Wired explores how technology impacts people’s lives in terms of culture, politics, and security. Business leaders have access to informative news that is presented in a friendly, understandable manner. You’ll also discover hot comments on contemporary issues, tech news, and gadget reviews in this section that focuses on innovations and breakthroughs.

7. MIT Technology Review

The MIT Technology Review, which was established in 1899, offers opinions, analyses, reviews, and interviews on cutting-edge technology. Read up on the commercial, political, and social effects of IT on people throughout the world. The following specialized subjects are covered: AI, climate change, biotechnology, and computing.

8. Fast Company

One of the top media companies for business, Fast Company focuses editorially on technical innovation, leadership, and game-changing concepts. The blog’s declared goal is to encourage readers to think broadly, lead with purpose, embrace change, and create the future of business. It is aimed at progressive business leaders.

Stay current with IT Electric’s Leadership Series, which explores the most recent IT trends and advancements and what they represent for your company.

9. Mashable

Mashable delivers in-depth news, reviews, and recommendations in each of its sub-categories, ranging from science and tech to art and culture. Become a subscriber to stay up to current on mobile technology, social media, cybersecurity, and digital culture trends.

10. Gizmodo

One of the greatest sources to discover professional evaluations of the latest devices as they are released is Gizmodo, which has been around for more than 20 years. You’ll also discover interesting news on a variety of topics, such as labor, environmental policy, and privacy. It has a reputation for serving up tech information with a side of fun and is well-known for its honest and open content.

11. Engadget

Over the past few years, Engadget has changed from a journalism company to a leading technology blog. You may catch up on all the most recent tech, gaming, and entertainment news and reviews as a business manager, or you can search Engadget’s archives for older tech publications. Even the blog has a section for independent videos and reviews NASA technology.

12. The Verge

The Verge looks at how technology will impact each of our lives in the present and the future. The blog, which was developed for a general readership, offers interesting articles in a clear manner. Their resources include news, podcasts, feature stories, how-to manuals, product reviews, and more.

13. VentureBeat

For both founders and developers, VentureBeat focuses on game-changing technological advancements and breaking news. It is a prominent expert on artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides insightful coverage of the gaming sector, and guarantees to give business leaders the knowledge they need to make wise judgments.

14. CNET

For many years, CNET has been a source of technology news that “tells you what’s new and why it matters.” The site’s material, which includes news, reviews, and deep dives, is made to assist readers in making decisions about the technology they use and purchase. Their material has also grown to include fitness and financial guidance in more recent years.

15. Recode

Recode is a Vox Media blog that explores how the digital world is altering us and our society. Their coverage, which places a special emphasis on Silicon Valley business, attempts to hold Big Tech responsible while outlining how the most recent changes in the sector impact our day-to-day activities. For further insights, get the podcast and newsletter.



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