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A Beginner’s Guide of Butterfly Locs: How to Install and care the Hairstyle

The hot summer has passed quietly. If you are thinking about trying a new hairstyle for fall, consider butterfly locs. This beautiful and protective style features chunky twists formed into loose rope-like shapes, resembling fluttering butterfly wings. While butterfly locs also take some skill and patience to install, the results are gorgeous and low-maintenance. If you haven’t had the chance to learn about this dream hairstyle, I’ll share all the tips and tricks I learned from my first time getting this chic hairstyle. Let’s go and learn the beginner’s guide of butterfly locs!

Why am I Obsessed with this Hairstyle?

If Knotless Braids leaves you with unforgettable memories in summer, then the memory of fall must belong to butterfly locs. When I sat down in the salon chair for my first installation, I was instantly captivated by the hairstylist’s nimble fingers twisting and forming each rope of hair into loose, whimsical shapes. The whole process was like watching a butterfly slowly emerge from its chrysalis. From that moment on, I was in love with this new hairstyle: butterfly locs. The thick, soft twists swayed as I moved – not restricting my curls but rather enhancing their natural bounce and volume. What’s more, butterfly locs require minimal maintenance in my daily life. There is no need to spend hours styling each morning or suffer heat damage from constant blow drying and straightening. More importantly, this new hairstyle greatly boosted my confidence. Whether I’m headed out on a weekday or heading to the beach for the weekend, this hairstyle always helps draw attention from others. Their versatility and vibrant charm keep my curls thriving with minimal fuss or worry.

How to install the butterfly locs?

After that, I started to try to braid this hairstyle by myself, and the following are some of my experiences. First of all, you need to prepare at least 6 – 8 packs of wavy hair extensions to achieve this kind of hairstyle. The specific number depends on how full and long you want your butterfly locs to be. Then, what you need to do is to deep condition your hair to make sure your hair is clean and dry. In addition, you can trim split ends to get your hair ends all one smooth length for easier sectioning. 

When your preparation work has been done, it is time to install your butterfly locs. You need to section the hair into 1-inch sized squares all over using tail combs for a neat look. Then, select the first section and split it into two equal strands and attach a small perm rod or loop loc starter lengthwise at the root. The third step is to twist the two strands tightly clockwise around each other from root to tip and seal the end with palm rolled wax or hot water to prevent unraveling. Then, you just need to repeat this process strand-by-strand until the whole head is covered in beautiful, flowing locs. The whole braiding process may take between 4 to 6 hours on an average. However, if you think that manual braiding is very time-consuming and energy-consuming, then I suggest that you choose to buy the Braided Wigs, which can help you to achieve this flawless hairstyle within just a few minutes.

How to care for your butterfly locs?

Although butterfly locs require low-maintenance, that doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance at all. From my experience, some daily maintenance of butterfly locs can make it look cleaner and last longer.

Many people may wonder if you can wash your butterfly locs? The answer is yes. However, you should make sure to gently rinse with cool water only, no shampooing, as water absorption can cause swelling. After rinsing, I will use organic oils like olive oil and almond oil to keep your scalp moisturized and looking fresh. Special attention will be put into the ends as they see the most wear and tear. With time goes by, You may also need to unravel a few locs, reinstall them and apply some edge control  to make them firmer. Additionally, trim off excess locs monthly to maintain an even length as some naturally grow faster. The last point I want to say is that please protect your butterfly locs at night. It’s always best to protect yourself. Using a scarf or bonnet to wrap your hair will be the best method to protect your hairstyle when you sleep, which will ensure that you don’t have to remove your locs prematurely because of frizz.


Above all, butterfly locs are a beautiful, versatile, and low-maintenance hairstyle that’s perfect for those looking for a protective style or just wanting to try something new. While the installation process can be time-consuming, you will be satisfied with the final look. What’s more, with proper care, your butterfly locs can keep your flawless look for several weeks. Whether you’re an experienced natural hair enthusiast or a beginner just starting your hair journey, butterfly locs are a fantastic option to consider. So, come and have a try!

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