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7 Best Sites to Buy 100% Real Instagram Followers is the overall best website to buy Instagram followers being the most trusted and reliable platform – ‘Doing What It Claims!’

Fed up of posting every day and night, working to achieve your dream results? Unable to see any growth or feeling like quitting?

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You are at the best place you need to find an All-in-OneSolution to your problems, be it Gaining followers, growing profile, or expanding your reach and business.

If you buy Instagram followers today, you might be just a step away from your ever-growing success and growth. Going through a lot of websites and doing intense research, we have shortlisted the 7 Best Websites to Buy Instagram Followersin 2023.

Buy Instagram Followers within Minutes!  

It’s quite easy to buy Instagram followers on these simple and sorted websites, just follow these steps and you will be ready to go!

Step- 1



Login to the website

(If required)

Provide your Instagram username


Select the package/fill in the custom followers count and make payment

You just need to follow these steps, and everything else is covered for you in this guide.

7 Best Websites to Buy Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Our Expert Ranking


Customer Rating

Starting at

What previous customers loved?

Featured Rating



$1.9/100 followers

Superior quality and best service




$1.9/100 followers

Helped manage with minimal funds




$2.05/100 followers

Impressive plan structures




$2.18/100 followers

Excellent service + premium followers




$2.23/100 followers

Combos at discounted prices




$2.29/100 followers

Advanced interface + best use of AI




$2.31/100 followers

Multiple and flexible options to choose or make custom deals


Let’s know what made these 7 websites the best –

Exclusive Features –

Instant access
No human verifications required
Delivery starts within minutes

The website has gained an extreme competitive edge over the others in the market with its Quality and reliability in helping users enhance their credibility and authenticity of their Instagram profiles. cares about your privacy and security by keeping your crucial details a secret and providing timely service to enhance customer experiences.

Words of a satisfied customer –

“I was struggling to grow my Insta profile, but thanks to, my follower counts skyrocketed! Now I am a regular buyer of this website.

Exclusive Features –

Highly qualified customer support
Best prices in the market
No unnecessary details required

This website has a wide-spread reach and trust among its customers over previous six years with its competitive prices and packages. Recently, has come up with the feature providing Instagram video views.

Yes! There’s more than just buying Instagram followers, the website also supports services for other social media platforms as well.

Words of a satisfied customer –

The service provide is really nice and quality. I can say that I really liked it very much.”


Exclusive Features –

Best for Small Businesses
Instant profile enhancements
Guaranteed genuine service has been discussed at many places over the time for its services in buying Instagram followers. The website is a point of attraction for the small brands, influencers, or small business owners with thousands of successful orders so far.

Call it an advantage or a benefit, but this website promotes high concerns for the customer’s security and scrutiny.

The website holds services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google as well!

Words of a satisfied customer –

Initially I was doubtful, that will it work or not but I got results in less than a day.”


Exclusive Features

Overall-profile growth
AI-themed structure
Build perfect custom packages

If you prefer a quick service without compromising with the work-quality, you must check out This website has been working in the social-media market providing many famous faces and business with the best services.

Moreover, the AI-control enhances the website’s guts for standing out among other websites with best features. You can contact the website experts 24×7.

Words of a satisfied customer –

Instagram really helps to build our presence in social media. We were blown away by Buzoid’s speed and quality for likes and followers.”


Exclusive Features –

User-friendly interface
Helps make your profile viral
Works as the ultimate guide is a simple yet best choice, if you consider buying Instagram followers for your profile. The logo itself expresses the website’s will to help its users blow their profile and expand their presence on the platform.

Lots of previous users have expressed their satisfaction in the ratings and reviews, sharing their hassle-free experiences over this website.

Words of a satisfied customer –

I’ve been searching for genuine Instagram followers for so long, and found The website helped me get genuine and non-drop followers and a good service.”


Exclusive Features –

Suits all type of customers
On time delivery services could work really good for the users seeking 100% genuine and fast service. The mild and eye-catching website design and structure helps users understand the features better.

Moreover, the users can go through the website’s quick guide on ‘How-to-use’ on-site, followed by an excellent customer support service.

Words of a satisfied customer –

“I wish my friend suggested me earlier, I’ve tried many websites and never received a service like this!”


Exclusive Features –

100% User safety
Make no-restriction custom orders
Place order within a click

Another player in this race is, a not so ancient website, but has successfully made a win over most of the websites and platforms used to buy Instagram followers. The website has a safety policy specially designed to protect its customers from any loss of identity theft.

Moreover, it specializes in attaining and retaining its customers with its amazing service. Thus –

“Once a customer; Always a customer!”

Words of a satisfied customer –

“I was really confused about buying Instagram followers from this website, but the easy-to-use structure and features helped me a lot in overcoming my fear of investing in this website.”

How Do These Websites Work? – An Overview

These seven websites share the feature – ‘easy-to-use.’ Thus, there’s a simple criterion that you may follow to buy Instagram followers from these platforms easily –

1. Visit your preferred website –
2. Go through the packages and select the one that suits your budget well, or request for a custom order.
3. Once selected, provide your Instagram Username/profile URL.
4. Follow up with payment procedures and you are done!

What are the Payment Methods on these Websites?

While every user has and prefers a certain payment methodthat he/she is comfortable with. These websites take care of their every user, and thus all these provide different payment methods including –

Google Pay

Apple Pay

Visa/Master Card



Credit/Debit Card

Thus, whether you are using any of these banking platforms, you can easily make payments for your purchase of Instagram followers. But its always advised by experts to prefer Bitcoins for payment over other options as they promote and ensure more user safety.

How Long it Takes to Get Purchased Instagram Followers?

The delivery time depends from website to website. While some may take a few minutes, other might take several hours or even days. But the websites we listed provide relatively fast delivery services. Average delivery time for these websites is –

1. ( delivers within a few minutes – 1 hour)
2. within 1-2 hours)
3. within 3-5 hours)
4. within 4-8 hours)
5. (delivers within 9-12 hours)
6. within – 12 -15 hours)
7. within 1 day)

Thus, while buying Instagram followers from any of these websites, you must consider your time requirements before selecting and purchasing from any of the websites to avoid future issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I buy fake Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers for your profile is not a problem unless you opt to buy from a random non-trustable source or website that would probably deliver bot followers. Thus, we recommend preferring for buying Instagram followers for your profiles.

Which is the best platform for buying Instagram followers? is a trustable and genuine website that provides you with 100% real and non-drop followers within a few clicks. There are thousands of satisfied customers with great experiences from this website. The website ensures premium quality followers followed by quick delivery service.

How can I get 1,000 Instagram followers?

Getting your first thousand followers can be challenging. Thus, buying Instagram followers could be a useful substitute for saving your time and efforts initially and boosting your organic growth. We recommend buying Instagram followers from the 7 websites we discussed about in this guide earlier to get the most of your investments.

How to buy Instagram followers for cheap prices? is a 100% genuine and trusted website to buy Instagram followers for very reasonable prices. Their packages start from less than $2 for a hundred followers. But, if you are considering getting followers for cheaper than that, it may become a cause of concern for you as well as your profile, as those cheaper platforms may profile fake and bot followers.

How much would 50,000 Instagram followerscost?

While the cost of Instagram followers may vary among the websites. You may easily get 50K Instagram followers for anywhere between $800-$1$00. But the websites we suggested provide 50K Instagram followers at a price of just $550.

Can I track the origin of purchased Instagram followers.

No, as such there are no services available for tracking the origin of the Instagram followers that you buy. But you may consider some other practices like – using analytics, communicating with your followers and so on.

Do the famous identities buy Instagram followers?

Yes, buying Instagram followers is a common practice used by various well-known social-media stars or influences. Not only them, but many politicians, sportsmen, actors and other people buy Instagram followers to influence the audience with their wide fan following.

What ways are used by the websites to provide Instagram followers?

While there are many websites and platforms promising genuine followers, but end up providing fake bot followers. The websites we suggested use genuine and trusted methods to provide Instagram followers. These include Using Marketing campaigns, paid and unpaid Ads, and so on.

Who should consider buying Instagram followers?

Anyone can but Instagram followers for improving their profile’s overall performance. Be it a new user, or an old one, you can buy followers anytime as per your needs and requirement. Moreover, anyone else including social identities, famous personalities, or any business or a brand can buy Instagram followers to boost their growth.


Thus, having a good amount of engaging audience is a must for any individual or business hoping to hold a good grip and exploiting the opportunities that social media has provided for growth. But it can be challenging at times to keep the growth chart going green, thus one need to consider any helpful option. Buying Instagram followers serves the very right purpose for helping enhance your profile’s growth and advancement over the platform. Thus, if you are one of those looking for the magic wand of success – here we’ve got you the 7 Best Websites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2023.

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