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Everything You Need to Know about the Up and Comer Zeetex Tyres

Even though Zeetex tyres have entered the industry in 2005, the new tyre manufacturing brand has rapidly spread to all continents. Zeetex tyres are sold in 85 countries, which means that the brand has expanded significantly in a short time. Well-received in the US and Europe, Zeetex is owned by Zafco in the UAE. Zeetex tyres offer good quality and you can also benefit from Zeetex tyres best price if you get them online in UAE. Zeetex tyres are manufactured in Australia, and different production plants are based in China, India, and Indonesia.

Furthermore, engineers who earlier used to work with Bridgestone and Michelin have designed Zeetex tyres. With Zeetex, users can expect excellent performance, comfort, road safety, and a good price, of course.

Zeetex Tyre Range

Zeetex offers an impressive range of tyres. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Bus/truck tyres
  • Commercial tyres
  • Passenger car tyres
  • Industrial tyres
  • SUV and 4×4 off-road tyres
  • Race tyres

Why Buy Zeetex Tyres?

Zafco owns numerous brands and Zeetex solely focuses on longevity and performance. The tyre manufacturing process incorporates good quality materials and latest technology to achieve efficiency. Zeetex tyres strictly adheres to manufacturing procedures and quality standards that ensure a lasting tyre without compromising on its effectiveness and performance.

Moreover, Zeetex tyres are quite reasonable. They are not particularly expensive, thus, a good choice for those looking for good tyres for their car on a budget. Zeetex is not a premium tyre brand, however it is not a cheap brand either. The tyre manufacturer produces good quality and reasonable priced tyres.


If you decide to purchase Zeetex tyres, you can experience benefits listed below:


Zeetex tyres are eco-friendly since they ensure wear resistance efficiency. As a result, the service life of the tyre is increased.


Zeetex tyres help you with stability, ensuring firm grip on the road whole cornering. Also, the tyres are efficient in dissipating heat and water quickly. This also assists in improving braking during wet conditions.


You can expect sound steering stability performance while driving at high speed.

Smooth & Noiseless Ride

Zeetex tyres guarantee ultimate comfort and a smooth riding experience. Moreover, the tyres are quiet and you can enjoy a noiseless ride.

When it comes to tyres, Zeetex Tyres has manufactured an impressive range of tyres. Some of them are better than the rest. However, you can rest assured that no matter what your requirement is, you will find something according to your specifications and range. Also, whichever Zeetex tyres you get, know that you they are built to last and will last for a long time while performing well on the road.

If one compares between the expensive top-tier rubber and Chinese tyres, Zeetex tyres ranks as a god medium range you can opt for your cars. If you are in UAE and searching for Zeetex tyres near me, you can find them from Dubai Tyre Shop, an authentic tyre dealer in the UAE that deals in genuine from all leading brands in the world.


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